ANOTHER Vampire Offspring?! Lon Chaney Jr. Drives the Bayou Batty as the "Son of Dracula"-Tonight!

Posted on March 12, 2022

Tonight on MeTV- we continue shaking the Dracula family tree one more time- and bring you Lon Chaney Jr. in the only time he played  part of the most famous vampire family of all! Watch as he makes his way to American bayou country, with his plan being to inflict the curse of the undead upon a member of an unsuspecting family- and then the nation! He drains the love out of one romance- as well as draining blood from his latest victim- as a young woman with a fascination for the dark side falls under the spell of the “Son of Dracula”!

This is actually the third film in the Universal Dracula series- coming in the canon after the film we ran last week-"Dracula's Daughter". This 1943 tale, however, begins in our own country, at a party on a plantation down south. The gala affair is meant to welcome an aristocratic count met overseas by one of the wealthy plantation owner’s daughters- young Catherine, who has what her sister Claire and boyfriend Frank feel is a “rather morbid interest” in the occult!

The train the Count is scheduled to arrive on comes into the station- but- he surprisingly is not on board! However, the train’s freight does include some heavy boxes with his family crest – as well as his family name- “Alucard”. (Hmm - run that one by us again, backwards, maybe?) In spite of his absence, the big party must go on at the plantation- but the celebration ends abruptly when tragedy strikes! The wealthy father of the girls suddenly inexplicably passes away- coinciding with the very late-night arrival of Count Alucard, who has finally made his way to the plantation.

The time arrives for the father's will to be read- when, out of nowhere, Catherine suddenly produces an updated version of the will that provides for all the money to go to Claire, with the “Dark Oaks” mansion and grounds themselves going to Catherine. Things get more bizarre when Catherine reveals that she and the Count are now a couple, shocking her supposed fiancé Frank! Before long, Frank has a confrontation with the newcomer- and tragedy strikes again! The situation becomes more baffling, as an expert in certain matters is called in- and the Count's true identity is revealed. The Count has plans to first completely control his new bride-and then, this new country he has taken residence in-ready to begin his conquest by eliminating any of the remaining family and friends who stand in his way!

Lon Jr's being cast as the Count (and- though he's called the son- some theorize that he is actually the original Count- even though his body was incinerated in last week’s movie) seems slightly out of character for Mr. Chaney- but you have to agree- this character definitely has some differences from his role as the tortured Larry Talbot- with the air of aristocracy and a more suave -sometimes even sedate-manner. Our cast also includes Evelyn Ankers, who's been a Chaney co-star several times (and often wasn't treated very well by Lon Jr!)- and the lovely Louise Allbritton as the sister with dark desires. We’ll present some info about the cast, and a little background material about the film- including an error that most people who have learned their vampire lore from these movies will easily spot! Plus- we have the usual dosage of Sven schtick to complete the entertainment.

“Son of Dracula” arrives tonight- not via a train, like the Count was supposed to, but by Me-TV at 8 pm eastern/pacific, 7 pm central. If you are unsure of what channel or time you can see us where you are, just check the local listings in your area or at MeTV invites you to join in on the live–Tweeting during the show on Twitter- where we again have been showing up among the top trending topics in the nation! Please make sure you add the hashtag #svengoolie onto your posts. In the Chicago area this morning, viewers get a second look at the distaff vampire sibling “Dracula’s Daughter", on our main local channel CW26 at 11 am!

The “Kiss Me I’m Goolish” Sven wear is a big hit, and still available in our store! Watch for more Sven merchandise soon. Also, we want to thank you for all the kind birthday wishes to Rich Koz as he hits a milestone birthday today… a few days before anybody will be kissing the Blarney Stone!

Tonight, though, we celebrate Lon Jr’s epic one-time appearance as a member of the Dracula family- no matter how you spell it- forward or backwards!...oh- and make sure you turn your clocks forward before you return to your coffin tonight!

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 during show

Quizzical 25 months ago
As to tonight's feature: "The Ghoul" is historic as it was the first British horror film of the sound era. The production also permitted Boris Karloff an opportunity to visit with his family members for the first time since he had emigrated to North America.

The film was long considered to be a lost motion picture until a damaged print was discovered in the former Czechoslovakia. We can thank "The Great Vorelli" (Bryant Haliday) in part for rescuing this film as it was restored and circulated by Janus Films. For many years, this was the only print available. Years later, a better copy of the film was located in England.

Three of the actors in the movie (Cedric Hardwicke, Ralph Richardson, and Ernest Thesiger) were all honored by the British royalty for their services as members of the acting profession. While I was aware of the honors bestowed upon Hardwicke and Richardson, I learned only recently that Thesiger was awarded the title of Commander of the British Empire a year before his death.
Quizzical 25 months ago
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TonyaConn 25 months ago
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1MikeM 25 months ago
...and dat was da Son of Dracula...and dat's da name a dat tune
MADave 25 months ago
Before we dau farewell to SOD i have an important question to ask, were there any other monsters who spotted a mustache?
MADave MADave 25 months ago
Katink MADave 25 months ago
Does Wolfman count? Or are you thinking clean shaven except for under the nose?
TheKodakKid MADave 25 months ago
Technically, the Wolfman did.
MADave Katink 25 months ago
Nose hair
Klaatu MADave 25 months ago
And ear hair
MADave 25 months ago
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MADave 25 months ago
Where is everybody sleeping? Getting fingers for the blog change in a few hours? Or just watching MEtv?
The1Butler MADave 25 months ago
Im awake, surfing with the alien
CrazyK MADave 25 months ago
Watching MeTV+
Katink MADave 25 months ago
Getting the house ready for having friends down tomorrow. They will watch The Ghoul with us tomorrow night😊
1MikeM Katink 25 months ago
Klaatu 25 months ago
I’m up at the in-laws with my wife handling the Trust and Will. Very difficult and I so wish I could watch Svengoolie tomorrow to help ease the anger I have to my wife’s siblings over this. So I’m starting my anger management early👍
The1Butler Klaatu 25 months ago
Oh no memory loss in a bottle !
CrazyK Klaatu 25 months ago
“Trust” in Jack Daniels!
🥃🥃 Klink! 😂
Klaatu CrazyK 25 months ago
I keep telling myself that I should stop drinking, but I’m not listening to a drunk who talks to himself 🤣🤪
CrazyK Klaatu 25 months ago
Kyle Klaatu 25 months ago
I remember having things like that happen. I feel for ya, man.
Hope your whiskey gets better.
1MikeM Klaatu 25 months ago
1MikeM 25 months ago
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TheKodakKid 25 months ago
A passing of note. Actor Takarda Akira has died at age 87.

Svengoolie viewers will recognize him for his roles in Godzilla (1954) and Mothra Vs. Godzilla (1964). He starred in other movies in the series that Sven hasn’t shown yet, including later remakes.

Akira did a lot of other acting in his native Japan. In an ironic twist, he also did quite a bit of vocal acting work, dubbing American movies into Japanese.
The1Butler TheKodakKid 25 months ago
Only pay for what you need !🤣
Klaatu TheKodakKid 25 months ago
I remember him well👍🥲
MADave TheKodakKid 25 months ago
R.I.P. Mr Akira
Jack MADave 25 months ago
His surname was Takarda.
Lynn TheKodakKid 25 months ago
Thank you, KK & Jack!
abc123 25 months ago
Good Afternoon.
Kind of surprised to hear Bills story that Lugosi Estate said no to something.
Quizzical 25 months ago
Tomorrow, there will be an encore broadcast of "Son of Dracula" on various stations. One of the impressive scenes had the submerged coffin rising from the swamp when "Alucard" had his first meeting with Katherine Caldwell.

Why didn't the vampire simply continue to hid his coffin in the swamp? Moving it to the drainage tunnel made it easier for Frank Stanley to find it and set the casket on fire.

I know, I know, it is only a movie.
PatS Quizzical 25 months ago
All went right for 'bout a week
And then the coffin began to leak...?
Jack Quizzical 25 months ago
Seeing Alucard’s coffin surface and submerge set me to pondering whether the bog mummies of Northern Europe have ever inspired a horror movie. (I also tend to ponder that when I see Kharis wading in a swamp.) IMDb gave me two returns for “bog mummy,” two unique returns for “bog body,” and one unique return for “body in bog.” Just to be thorough, I also checked for P. V. Glob, author of _The Bog People: Iron-Age Man Preserved_ (1965 in Danish, 1969 in English)—Glob got two credits for documentaries about Danish archaeology but no clues for additional search terms.

“Bog mummy” gave me the movie _From the Dark_ (2014), which involves an Irish peat digger uncovering some sort of nosferatu-like creature, and an episode of _Millenium_, “The Hand of Saint Sebastian” (1997), wherein a murdered 10th century monk is disposed of in a bog.

“Bog body” returned the previously mentioned “Hand of Saint Sebastian,” a botany documentary about moss reproduction and peat, and _Legend of the Bog_ aka _Assault of Darkness_ (2009). _Legend of the Bog_ actually seems to involve ancient bog bodies in that plot is set rolling when a developer’s work crew digs up some bog bodies and she orders them destroyed. The old bog bodies—at least the one that wreaks revenge—doesn’t look anything like real ancient bog bodies, just a moist, muscular human in “archaic” clothing.

Finally, “body in bog” returned an episode of _Love You to Death_, “the Bog Murder”(2007), but I’m not even certain if the episode aired. Judging by the names of the characters, there aren’t any anciet bog mummies in this episode.

So far, the closest thing to an authentic bog mummy that I’ve been able to find in horror movies are the boneless skin bags that result from a silicate attack in _The Island of Terror_ (1966, as see on Svengoolie), especially the first victim Farmer Bellows, if only because what we see of the cave in which his remains were found resembles the interior of a menhir, or megalithic stone tomb. While the boneless-ness of authentic bog mummies does pose some technical problems as a threat, it seems bog bodies are a horror genre ripe for exploitation.

Lacking any good suggestions for bog mummy horror, here’s an episode of _The Comic Strip Presents_, “Summer School,” wherein students participate in an experimental archaeological reconstruction of an Iron Age village. If you’ve got thirty minutes, I think it’s hilarious, but be warned, the are fertility rituals and cannibalism involved. I don’t remember if anybody was sacrificed in the bog...
Drang Jack 25 months ago
I look forward to reading the upcoming blockbuster novel, Jack vs. the Bog Mummy!😀

Not to mention the sequel, Jack vs. the Blog Mummy!🥸
PatS Drang 25 months ago
"N'o b'ones?" "N'o b'ones."
CrazyK 25 months ago
A “subtle” 😂 reminder to vote,
I did ✔️

Lots of categories and not too familiar w/most of them but I sure do know who my favorite Horror Host is 😉
Category #21 👍
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CrazyK The1Butler 25 months ago
Me and Elon gonna be neighbors 😂
MADave CrazyK 25 months ago
Is it that time already?
CrazyK MADave 25 months ago
Oh yeah, midnight April 17th is the cut-off. You got time bro!
NoPersonalChicks 25 months ago
Today in 1965 The Standells, arguably the first punk band, appeared on a Season 1 episode of The Munsters - "Far Out Munsters". The group pays the Munsters big money to use their house for the weekend, but the family returns early to find a wild party. Kinda reminds me of when my parents came home unexpectedly from out of town when I was 17. I was the one saying "Darn, Darn, Darn". The Munsters join the party, very much unlike my parents. The Standells play a few songs including The Beatles' "I Want to Hold Your Hand". Lily sings and plays the harp. It's one of my favorite Munsters episodes along with the one where Herman takes a driving test and the one with Leo Durocher.
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Jack MrsG 25 months ago
I got the documentation: “Die Beatles auf dem ‘Hamburger Dom’” (Hamburg, 1960).
MADave NoPersonalChicks 25 months ago
I love the part when Herman recites a poem
Katink NoPersonalChicks 25 months ago
I love that episode of the Munsters! As a youngster, I had no idea that Yvonne de Carlo was famous before this role. Her song, sung with her own harp accompaniment, was HAUNTINGLY beautiful 🎵🎶🎵
Drang 25 months ago
A Munster? Cheese?
Drang Drang 25 months ago
I thought Deux Deux was Spanish, but he's made of Mexican food...🤔
Drang 25 months ago
Morning, all, not sure why I m awake, I intended to sleep in on my day off...😴😴
Oh, well, let's see what's on the DVR...
Drang Drang 25 months ago
This Daffy/Speedy offering is pretty bad.
CrazyK Drang 25 months ago
Your internal clock must have told you it’s time for “Toon in With Me”
Drang CrazyK 25 months ago
That or trying to sleep through garbage pickup is futile.
CrazyK Drang 25 months ago
That’s a bummer!
Mine show up in the afternoon 👍
MrsG 25 months ago
Yippee yo yippee yay ~ happy Friday friends in Svenland !
One more day until we are BeGhouled !
👿 👹 👺 😈
The1Butler MrsG 25 months ago
Oh Happy Days !
Klaatu MrsG 25 months ago
And Happy New Blog Friday!
Lynn MrsG 25 months ago
Hooray, indeed!
daleuhlmann 25 months ago
As we prepare to bid farewell to Dark Oaks and Count and Countess Alucard, it's interesting how SON OF DRACULA provided Lon Chaney, Jr. with a new look, via the moustache that he wore in the movie. Perhaps it was because he was playing a more sophisticated character than the kinds he had been playing earlier. It is my guess that Universal remembered this look and persona when casting him in their Inner Sanctum mysteries, in which he always played a professional of some kind, and who was a hit with the ladies. Thus, he wore a moustache (and, I think, looked good in one) in all of those films.
MrsG daleuhlmann 25 months ago
Thanks Dale ~ always enjoy hearing more about the stars , and LCJr is a favorite ~
Right-o about the moustache ~ reminded me of Clark Gable ~
daleuhlmann MrsG 25 months ago
I think so, too!
Drjim 25 months ago
morning's your bracket doing this morning?.....mine's shot already !
MrsG Drjim 25 months ago
Bracket ? I didn’t know I had a bracket !
Local station is having a pizzaria bracket ~ so I reckon we could have a horror movie or actor bracket ? ! ? !
The1Butler MrsG 25 months ago
We had a church fish fry bracket a few years ago.
MrsG The1Butler 25 months ago
Ooooo yeah gotta have a good SvenEve fish samich TODAY !
Catbat 25 months ago
Well that's all folks. Time to get going. Have a Great day!
daleuhlmann 25 months ago
I remember those Palmolive monster bubble bath bottles!
daleuhlmann 25 months ago
Oh, no, not Mr. Quuzzer again!
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