A Vampiric Vixen is Fixin' to Try to Change Her Family Legacy- as "Dracula's Daughter"-Tonight!

Posted on March 5, 2022

Tonight on MeTV- we kick off two weeks’ worth of the exploits of offspring of filmdom’s greatest vampire- beginning with an early Universal horror classic- what is actually considered to be the first sequel to the original Bela Lugosi “Dracula” film. It features the female child of the infamous count, who takes after her father in ways she regrets- yet is unable to leave behind! She must deal with the irresistible thirst she has inherited simply by being- “Dracula’s Daughter”!

After the success of the wildly popular “Dracula”- this film picks up right where the original ended- in the dungeon of Carfax Abbey, with Van Helsing (named VON Helsing in this film) standing over the inert body of Count Dracula – which is sporting a wooden stake through its heart! The police burst in upon him, observe that he has a stake-driving weapon in hand, and take him into custody for murder. Dracula's body is locked up in the local police department-where a mysterious woman drops by, and, using a strange hypnotic power over the lone policeman on duty, makes off with the Count's body. She spirits it away, and then engulfs it in a funeral pyre that she hopes may free her of her family curse (Leaving us viewers to ponder, after this fiery final rest, how the Count managed to return in future films!) The burning question of whether the flames have brought her salvation is soon answered- as her odd "assistant" Sandor underlines that her behavior indicates that she has not lost her desire for human blood!

Meanwhile, the incarcerated Von/ Van Helsing contacts his brilliant, but somewhat skeptical former student, Jeffery Garth, asking him to help prove that he is sane- that his act of “murder” was actually a brave heroic act-and that vampires exist. While trying to decide how he can help, Garth attends a society party, and encounters a stranger who drops by -a visiting artist, Countess Marya Zaleska (in reality, the daughter of the Count that Von Helsing slew!) Jeffrey converses with other guests about his work in curing his patients' cravings, which the Countess overhears- and, thinking he might help her to defeat an unnamed craving, asks for his assistance. He agrees to help her, although he has no clue as to what her affliction might be!

Soon, however, a rash of attacks, with victims drained of blood, brings about suspicions. Jeffrey’s secretary (who hopes to be promoted to the title of his girlfriend as well) takes an instant dislike to the Countess- for good reason- as the story continues, striving to confirm suspicions that a vampire does exist-and that said menace will do anything to remove any threats to its existence- eventually taking us back to the Transylvania castle where the original vampire story began - and where lives may end!

This 1936 film was made 5 years after the original “Dracula”- and boasts an eerie atmosphere, in no small part due to Gloria Holden’s portrayal of the Countess. Edward Van Sloan makes his second appearance as Dracula’s nemesis, Von Helsing, and Otto Krueger is the psychologist hero Jeffrey. We’ll talk about the cast, and provide Sven shtick- including an often-requested interview with another Dracula “relative”- plus segments featuring vintage convention visits with the stars of the original “Candyman” film- the lovely Virginia Madsen and Tony Todd-plus another fun talk with one of our old friends- Tom Atkins of ‘Halloween 3”-not to mention our song about the movie!

Meet “Dracula’s Daughter” tonight on MeTV at 8 pm eastern/pacific, 7 central, or check your local listings (or www.metv.com) for time and channel where you can watch in your area. Feel free to join in on the live-Tweeting during the show tonight on Twitter- and be sure to use the hashtag #svengoolie ! In the Chicago area this morning, our viewers get an encore of “Devil Doll” at 11 am on CW26 !

Make sure you check out the special “Kiss Me I’m Goolish” wear in our store! It’s perfect for the scarin’ o’ the green! (Yeah, that’s stretching the attempted St. Paddy’s Day jokes…) Thanks again for the great response to this year’s #LoveSven promotion- just wait until to see what else is coming up this year!

Please join us tonight for daddy’s little ghoul- who insists she wants to change her ways…and yet…

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 during show

SvenGirlie22R 10 months ago
Still hounding Direct TV to get me back my ME.TV !!
Miss spending Saturday
Nights with SVENGOOLIE ....
Geo 11 months ago
I have something in my eye. I was informed I was missed last week.🤧 There are just too many of you to name for my gratitude.📽
Geo 10 months ago
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Geo 10 months ago
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Geo 10 months ago
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1MikeM 11 months ago
Happy Birthday to Sven/Rich!!!
daleuhlmann 11 months ago
Happy birthday to the coolest goolie of all, Svengoolie--Rich Koz!:
Catbat 11 months ago

Happy 🎂 Birthday 🎈 Rich! You're the best! Enjoy your special day 🎈🤗
Geo Catbat 11 months ago
Wow, he's hit the big seven oh. That is amazing. He is closing in on fifty years of broadcasting as Svengoolie. That is wicked cool. I am elated that I am able to follow him and have some signed items. Thank you so much for keeping us Svenhooligans entertained. I had horror hosts as a kid, although I was too young to appreciate them as I do Sven.
Catbat 10 months ago
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1MikeM 11 months ago
...just one more thing...Countess Zaleska will be back in Dracula's Daughter 2: The Legend of Sandor's Gold
Catbat 1MikeM 11 months ago
1MikeM 11 months ago
...and dat was Dracula's Daughter...and dat's da name a dat tune
DrFish28136 11 months ago
PatS DrFish28136 11 months ago
I don't trust 'em. No masks!
1MikeM DrFish28136 11 months ago
Before we do....."let's all go to the lobby to get ourselves a treat!"
Jack 11 months ago
Bobbie Nelson, sister of Willie, stepped on a rainbow yesterday. She was 91. Kinky Friedman is heartbroken, as is much of the rest of Texas.
NoPersonalChicks Jack 11 months ago
Swing low, sweet chariot, Sister
Klaatu 11 months ago
Is everyone asleep recharging their batteries for the Blog Change at midnight?
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Katink MrsG 11 months ago
You are hardy folk! Stay warm out there, MrsG!
abc123 Klaatu 11 months ago
My verse is final - video and images uploaded and links added to verse. I am ready...
MrsG abc123 11 months ago
And we are ALL ready to enjoy the end result !
Geo Klaatu 11 months ago
I am lucky if I can stay up that late at my age.📽😴
NoPersonalChicks 11 months ago
216 days til 'Halloween Ends', not that I'm obsessing about it er nuthin. It was delayed due to the pandemic. Jamie Lee's last day of filming ended two days ago according to producer Ryan Turek, and of being Laura Strode. I don't want it to be over. She will always remain the best ever final girl.
abc123 NoPersonalChicks 11 months ago
the only Halloween movie I have seen is the original...
MADave 11 months ago
Just saw that Emilio Delgado "Luis" from Sesame Street died at age 81, Delgado was one of my favorite human characters he taught me Spanish before I could learn in school. Adios Luis and Muchos Gracias!
TheKodakKid MADave 11 months ago
Saw that earlier, and meant to post about it.

He holds the distinction of the longest continuous Mexican American character on TV. He had said it was very gratifying that so many people told him of the positive impact and role model he was. He also found it a little amusing that many were disappointed to learn that he and Maria were not married in real life.

Although he had already left the show, he did come back for the Sesame Street 50th Anniversary special.
TheKodakKid 11 months ago
Sitting here at the lake, in a shortsleeved shirt. 72 degrees. Sun shining. In about 18 hours, we’re supposed to have 1-5 inches of snow, and the high for Saturday will be 32.
Lynn TheKodakKid 11 months ago
Enjoy the roller-coaster ride!
Jack TheKodakKid 11 months ago
It’s 39°F in central Kentucky now, and 38°F in central Texas.
Katink Jack 11 months ago
Here in N E Wisconsin (Fox Cities) we are 14 feels like -2. Ugh.
Jack Katink 11 months ago
Got yer union suit and Stormy Cromer?
Katink Jack 11 months ago
Well, Cuddle Duds, Land's End down parka, and Stormy Kromer.
Mikeyyy 11 months ago
KodakId, you have plenty of supplies on hand for this weekend? Like milk, bread, alcohol, chips….
Drang Mikeyyy 11 months ago
Government Form 1?
TheKodakKid Mikeyyy 11 months ago
Fridays are usually bad at the grocery store anyway. Weather forecast ramped that up considerably today.
Mikeyyy TheKodakKid 11 months ago
Same here! Where I am there are a lot of factories and when they let out Friday is usually payday so they’re all at food city loading up!
SvenGirlie22R 11 months ago
Just (finally!) got my login straightened out !
Mikeyyy SvenGirlie22R 11 months ago
Good to hear!
PatS SvenGirlie22R 11 months ago
Nice colorized image!
The1Butler SvenGirlie22R 11 months ago

Come to me my patchwork love !
1MikeM The1Butler 11 months ago
oh by the way......"Vilbur! Come beck!"
abc123 11 months ago
Sad to know I know as much about James Bond actors as Toony...
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Katink Geo 11 months ago
Hey there, Geo! Good to see you!
Geo Katink 11 months ago
Thank you, feels good to be seen. Thank you.
Katink Geo 11 months ago
Missed you last Sventurday, Geo! Hope you are well!
Geo Katink 11 months ago
Awwww your making me 😊. Thanks again and again.
NoPersonalChicks 11 months ago
The blessed Valerie Leon in a 1971 promo for Hammer's 'The Blood from the Mummy's Tomb' on a catwalk (see what I did there?) in Hertfordshire. The toddler in the stroller seems distraught suddenly realizing he's been getting shortchanged at mealtime.
PatS NoPersonalChicks 11 months ago
Sounds like two definitions of "vamp" at once!
Jack 11 months ago
Well, this could explain a lot!
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Klaatu Drjim 11 months ago
In the Ent biz? Worked in various entities of Post Production. In my last 15 years I was Producer at Visual Effects companies and then finished 10 years at Fox Sports, recruiting and managing in-house editors, viz-efx artists, audio engineers and more. Then Fox was bought by Disney and 1,000 layoffs in a week. I did freelance after that.
Drjim Klaatu 11 months ago
wow, very cool and sounds like an exciting career.......any one single movie star or person you met who made an impression on you?
Geo Jack 11 months ago
Funny I have been to the Payboy mansion and never noticed that.
daleuhlmann Klaatu 11 months ago
Sadly, that seems to the truth, Klaatu.
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