A House is Not a Home- It’s a Horror- When It’s the “House of Dracula” – Tonight!

Posted on September 17, 2022

Tonight on MeTV, the legendary count is in the house- along with his posse, including Larry Talbot-the Wolf Man- as well as a well-meaning doctor who runs afoul of the vampire, and- of course- there’s room for the Frankenstein Monster! The undead bloodsucker has a sinister agenda ( so what else is new?), as his supposed rehab turns the sanitarium into the “House of Dracula”!

We are introduced to Doctor Edlemann, a generous good Samaritan, working tirelessly to help those with medical problems and malformed bodies- and that includes his dedicated lovely nurse Nina, who has a hunched back. He has been experimenting on a cure for such malformations, using a rare plant that he hopes to grow in abundance. One night- he is startled by the appearance in his room of an unexpected visitor who introduces himself as Baron Latos. The baron suffers from a strange blood affliction –one that even this learned doctor has never seen before! Fascinated by his discovery of this unknown ailment, the doctor is willing to accept a new challenge and do his best to help defeat it. He is unaware that the condition is actually vampirism- and unaware that the patient is actually Count Dracula!

It seems this is the season for visitors without an appointment, as a somewhat agitated gentleman (dressed kind of like a move gangster) enters- Larry Talbot-sporting a dapper moustache! He demands that the doctor's other assistant/receptionist, the lovely Milizia, let him see the doctor immediately, while hinting that he must see him before the upcoming full moon. Milizia insists that the doctor is unavailable- and Talbot exits the place in a flurry ( not furry) of panic!

A little later, the doctor IS available when the police call to ask for his help with a "mad man" they have incarcerated. The prisoner in the lockup? None other than Talbot himself- and the problem he was seeking help for is revealed- that he transforms into the savage Wolf Man! The kind-hearted doctor takes pity on Talbot, and believes that his new serum, using the rare plant, could be used to cure the cause of the brooding beast man’s frightening transformation.

The doctor's well-meant work is thrown into jeopardy when the Count decides to make Milizia his latest bride. Things are complicated even more when Talbot's despairing suicidal tendencies lead to the discovery of none other than the comatose Frankenstein Monster in a sea-side cave. The doctor immediately realizes that the cave maintains the perfect conditions to grow more of the plant needed for the cure he is developing! Dracula, of course, has no regard for the doctor's humanitarian acts-while trying to fulfill his own agenda, he coldly brings about a sinister change in the formerly benign medical man- resulting in new terror- murder- and the frightful restoration of the Monster's power!

Considered a sequel to “House of Frankenstein”- this house party pretty much posted the "condemned" sign on Universal’s classic monster franchise, as the last of the “monster mash” films- until years later, when all the monsters were again in one place for “Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein”. This movie brings back John Carradine in the role he played in "House of Frankenstein", as well as another major player from that film, Lon Chaney Jr., once again playing the role he owned- Larry Talbot. He is still sporting the mustache he had for “Son of Dracula”. The Frankenstein Monster, ready for re-energizing once again (he’s more rechargeable than my cellphone), is Glenn Strange. We'll give you the inside info on the cast, plus the usual Sven entertainment – including some very special footage from a live performance at the famed Arcada Theatre, featuring the iconic Freddy “Boom Boom” Cannon in concert- along with a special guest cameo by yours truly! This amazing rock and roll star shows he’s still got it in the segments we’ll show you tonight!

"House of Dracula" opens its doors to you tonight on MeTV at 8pm eastern/pacific, 7 central, or, for information on where and when to find it in in your area, check your local listings, or www.metv.com . Remember to join the many people on Twitter live–Tweeting during the show, and make sure to use the hashtag #svengoolie . We have consistently been trending nationally each week! In the Chicago area this morning, we have an encore of the Ray Bradbury chiller “It Came from Outer Space" on our sister station, CW26, at 11 am.

The latest t shirt in our artist’s collection is now available- along with other Sven merchandise- in our store. And be watching the “appearances” tab here on our website- we will be doing a very limited number of public appearances in October- starting off with another visit to the New York Comic Con! And, be watching for the very special start of “Svengoolie’s Halloween BOO-nanza” on October 1st- more about that soon!

Tonight, of course, as always, you’re welcome at our house for wall-to-wall horror in the "House of Dracula"!


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 during show

Dwight 11 months ago
I guess I’m not a “Kid” anymore! It won’t let me log in using the no de plume that I’ve used since I first began blogging on here.

Of course, I had a devil of a time finding where the blog had gone to begin with.
Dwight Dwight 11 months ago
BTW, I am, or was, The Kodak Kid, for those who don’t recognize me.
1MikeM 12 months ago
...and dat was da House of Dracula...and dat's da name a dat tune!
MADave 12 months ago
I don't think dale has made it to first blogger yet? Or has he?
Aceman2 12 months ago
Good luck to all those who covet a “First Blogger” title especially anyone yet to win. May you all be blessed with fast internet speed and even faster fingers.
Good night all.
Katink Aceman2 12 months ago
Hey there, Aceman! Good to see you tonight! Hope you are feeling better!
The1Butler Aceman2 12 months ago
Arrrr you home now A2?
Mikeyyy Aceman2 12 months ago
Goodnight Aceman!
Kyle 12 months ago
Me and Chicken Head watching rasselin.

My only cheat on METV for the week.
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Kyle Kyle 12 months ago
Okay, not 6 months.

Maybe 3 on short rations.

Broke my shoulder in December and was off for 3 months.

Having stuff saved my butt, but things got tight.

I have adjusted what I keep on hand.
Katink Kyle 12 months ago
Nuance is an acquired taste, Kyle. She'll get there 😉
The1Butler Kyle 12 months ago
I see ! I brought all my drinkin and cookin water in for 5 yrs until i got a big tannon and RO fitlers . I have pond water .
Kyle The1Butler 12 months ago
Gotta have backups.

And backups for the backups.

And an emergency plan after that.
The1Butler 12 months ago
Gargoyle snacks with pearls !
1MikeM The1Butler 12 months ago
The1Butler, is this person here a relative? I'm guessing this photo is from the 1960s.
The1Butler 1MikeM 12 months ago
No not my relative but we lived it ! 🤣😂
1MikeM The1Butler 12 months ago
The1Butler 12 months ago

Im feeling good about being first 😎
abc123 The1Butler 12 months ago
I will do my best to make you feel bad. No offense.
The1Butler abc123 12 months ago
Bring it Daddy O !
Catbat The1Butler 12 months ago
First what?😂
Deleted 12 months ago
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Kyle 12 months ago
I'm going for root callar of Dracula.

Also tornado shelter of Dracula.
1MikeM 12 months ago
Kyle 12 months ago
That's a good one.

Hiding in unsecured cellars has not worked all that well for him.
The1Butler 12 months ago
Fall out bunker of Dracula
MADave 12 months ago
In the three stooges short DIZZY DOCTORS (1937) did Curly play the sleeping guy with the Rip Van Winkle type beard in a cameo appearance or wax that somebody else?
1MikeM MADave 12 months ago
That was Frank Mills as the sleeping guy.
MADave 1MikeM 12 months ago
Thanks 1MikeM he did sound like curly tho
P 12 months ago
Can you post a picture of the 3 guys you showed from Cape May NJ, they sent in their picture and you showed during a break of the House of Dracula movie.
PatS P 12 months ago
Check the Photos section of the Home page. Only a few get on the air, but lots more show up on that site.
NoPersonalChicks 12 months ago
It's a diamond anniversary! Hanna-Barbera released The Jetsons 60 years ago today. The show predicted: Zoom calls, flatscreen TVs, smart watches, tanning beds, food printing, home treadmills and space tourism - all in living color seen on our blonde B&W Admiral. Bitterly disappointed flying cars hasn't come to fruition. Pictured is one thing that has tho, especially as "the season" approaches...
MrsG 12 months ago
Catbat ~
Looking in on You and La Famiglia because we give a hoot ~

Mikeyyy MrsG 12 months ago
Hoot hoot!
Catbat MrsG 12 months ago
I's right cheer. Hangin on with all claws MrsG 🐦🤗
Catbat Mikeyyy 12 months ago
Hey Mikeyyy 🤗
daleuhlmann 12 months ago
As we can see, both Glenn Strange and Ole Olsen (one half of the comedy team of Olsen and Johnson) were Batman fans. This was taken on the set of HOUSE OF FRANKENSTEIN, which marked Strange's first appearance as the Frankenstein Monster.

MrsG daleuhlmann 12 months ago
Looks like He wants a showdown ~ Frankenstein Meets Batman ?
daleuhlmann MrsG 12 months ago
Wow, what a matchup THAT would have been!
Catbat MrsG 12 months ago
Batman All the Way!
Klaatu 12 months ago
Jack Larson (Jimmy from the original Superman) playing a drunk on Dragnet😆
daleuhlmann Klaatu 12 months ago
Oh, Jimmy!
daleuhlmann 12 months ago
I don't remember if Sven had mentioned this or not last Saturday, but Jane Adams was also in Rondo Hatton's last film, THE BRUTE MAN, a kind of prequel to HOUSE OF HORRORS (both of these movies were released after Hatton's death).

Her HOD co-star, Onslow Stevens, had earlier been in the 1933 Universal horror-mystery SECRET OF THE BLUE ROOM, which I wish Sven could show some time He was also in the same studio's 1935 pseudo-sci-fi LIFE RETURNS (which Jack has previously discussed on the blog) and Paramount's 1941 chiller, THE MONSTER AND THE GIRL (which Sven has shown twice on his program). Finally, Stevens was in an entertaining little 1948 penny dreadful called THE CREEPER (no relationship to the earlier Rondo Hatton films). Of course, Sven did mention his small supporting role as a military officer in THEM!--which featured James Arness in a dual part, as both an FBI agent and one of the giant ants (LOL).

Klaatu daleuhlmann 12 months ago
I thought I recognized one of those ants🤣.
daleuhlmann Klaatu 12 months ago
Mikeyyy Klaatu 12 months ago
You have good eyes Klaatu!
Klaatu Mikeyyy 12 months ago
Black eyes…like a dolls eyes😄
The1Butler 12 months ago
Wish i had more time this morning, Sulu on perry and Dean Martin on rawhide 👽🤠
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