A Few Tuesday Thoughts…

Posted on August 14, 2012

After a damp and dreary Monday, let’s hope for a brighter Tuesday-which we’ll add to with some of my , as usual, not so bright thoughts about various things… Yes, the closing ceremonies for the Olympics were pretty cool. I liked seeing Python Eric Idle out there, doing the “Life of Brian” musical number “Always Look on The Bright Side of Life” (and, boy, that NBC censor laid on the “bleep” button pretty hard when he sang that one objectionable word in the song!)I’m not sure if it was the insufferable Ryan Seacrest or Bob Costas (whom I really used to like when he did his NBC late-night interview show, but now, don’t find nearly as entertaining) who, when that portion of the show started , felt compelled to mouth “this is supposed to be the humorous part of the show’- couldn’t we have found that out ourselves?- as well as, before the haphazard human cannonball who slid out of the cannon barrel was revealed to be Eric Idle, stated “the human cannonball is Eric Idle”- thus ruining the surprise of him climbing out of the pit and being visually recognized. Let me also say that I think a couple of those Spice Girls look better now than they did back in their heyday –except the one who looked absolutely the same… and- after the opening ceremonies with Mr. Bean and James Bond- did anyone join me in thinking it wouldn’t have been out of line for an appearance in the closing ceremonies by the current Dr. Who? And- that got me thinking-if Chicago had won the next Summer Olympics-would our ceremonies have included local Chicago icons? I’m still hearing from people regarding our visit to Flashback Weekend- and people who thought I was at Wizard World. PLEASE pay attention! I don’t want you to be disappointed…anyway, those who WERE at the correct venue all seemed to really enjoy the event, as did we (see yesterday’s blog, if you haven’t already read it) -oh, and for those who were wondering when my cameo appearances shot there for that Halloween edition of “190 North” on ABC 7 will be on the air, it should run on Sunday October 28 (unless they leave me on the cutting room floor!) Speaking of the comics world- it lost one of the greats- Joe Kubert, an exceptional artist, passed away Sunday at the age of 85. No cause of death has been mentioned. Kubert was one of the first comic artists whose work I learned to identify as a child- it was so distinctive, and , at times, gritty, especially his work on the “Sgt. Rock” military comics. His work on “Hawkman” and “Enemy Ace” (the story of an enemy pilot with a conscience) was outstanding- and he encouraged young talent, including his own sons and the many students who signed up for his art school. As a kid, he brought samples of his work to a comics company, drawn on butcher paper- and sold his first artwork at the age of twelve! These many years later, his contributions to the world of comic art and history made him a true icon of the industry. I keep reading how they are preparing another sequel to “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure” with the original stars (well, obviously not George Carlin, who is no longer with us)… and keep wondering how that’s going to play…I have my doubts, but… So- is your Tuesday already improving your outlook for this week –so far? And Wednesday could make it even better… we hope…

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