11 Years on National TV Brings Out the Beast ( Not Sven) in "Werewolf of London"-Tonight!

Posted on April 2, 2022

Tonight on MeTV, we begin April with the first of a few features this month that include men cursed to turn furry during a full moon! This evening we present the very first of Universal Studios’ wolf men- who brings terror to England as the victim of a strange attack in Tibet finds that moonlight triggers a hideous transformation that changes him into- the "Werewolf of London"!

Botanist Wilfred Glendon and his assistant are on an expedition to the aforementioned Tibet – seeking a rare flower that only grows in the high altitudes- and only blooms when exposed to the light of the full moon. Despite dire warnings and strange, seemingly supernatural, occurrences- Wilfred continues up the mountain -where he finally discovers the plant at a high altitude- but also finds himself attacked by a mysterious creature! He survives the attack, though bitten in the process (actually, he was bitten in the arm- oh, you know what I mean), and manages to procure a single specimen of the flower- whose botanical name is the mariphasa.

Returning to England with his new specimen, he immediately goes into solitude, locking himself in his botanical laboratory to study the plant. Even the lure of his beautiful young wife Lisa is barely enough to coax him out of the lab for a party- yet she eventually coerces him to come out and greet the crowd of visitors. Wilfred finds them a distraction, and would much rather return to his work- although he notices, with displeasure, that an old friend of Lisa’s is paying a bit TOO much attention to his lovely spouse. A new and unfamiliar visitor arrives at the party- one Professor Yogami, begging to converse with Wilfred, claiming he encountered him on his Tibet trip- though Wilfred has no recollection of their meeting. Yogami begins spinning a supernatural tale involving the newly-acquired plant; warning Wilfred that the bite he suffered in that fracas ( or, the arm- oh, I did that joke) might cause him to become- a werewolf! He then reveals that i the only way to stop that transformation is by utilizing the bloom of the rare mariphasa plant Wilfred has procured!

As a man of science, Wilfred discounts the story as a superstitious legend- but soon learns differently. During his experimentation, he is using a lamp that simulates moonlight to encourage the plant to blossom, and when his hand strays into the light- it becomes furry! He experiences the full effect when an actual full moon occurs- and, exposed to the moonlight, he completely transforms into a werewolf- in a wonderful shot of him gradually changing as he moves between pillars! Even though transformed, he still has the presence of mind to recall that he can use the rare flower to stave off the horrible change- and heads into the lab- only to find that someone has taken the few blossoms that had bloomed, sending Wilfred out on the prowl through the streets of London!

When the full moon’s effects have worn off, Wilfred feverishly attempts to get the plant to blossom again, before the next moon cycle. His relentless pursuit of the cure causes even more strain on the relationship with his wife, who feels rejected and turns to her old childhood sweetheart for comfort. Since the plant is taking time to flower again, Wilfred attempts, in the meantime, to keep from harming anyone by taking a room in a low-rent inn where he can lock himself in each night. Regardless of his precautions, the next full moon has the same horrible effect on him- and he escapes his self-imposed imprisonment to again roam the city streets in search of victims. His greatest fear is that a certain part of the old werewolf legend might prove to be true- that a werewolf will instinctively kill the one he loves the most! Can Lisa- as well as London itself- escape the savage power of the supernatural?

As I mentioned, this 1935 film is truly the first werewolf in the Universal horror catalog- preceding Larry Talbot- the best-known Wolf Man who first appeared in 1941 ( and will appear here on our show next week). We’ll tell you about the cast members like Henry Hull and Valerie Hobson- and those who found fame in other roles- like Spring Byington- who became a popular star of early TV- as well as Warner Oland, who made his mark in the movies as a beloved detective character. We'll also again give you some in-depth information regarding the werewolf make-up- thanks to information generously provided to us by Cortlandt Hull, whose great uncle Henry starred in tonight's film. Thanks to Cortlandt, we are able to tell you the actual true story about Hull's make-up – and clear up some misinformation and downright untruths that have been passed around as fact for years. Plus you will get to play our drawing game “Too Drawn Out”! And- watch for Kerwyn to give you the info on this year’s Rondo awards voting. Yes, it’s already time for you to vote again!

"Werewolf of London" airs on MeTV tonight at 8 pm eastern/pacific, 7 central, and, if unsure when or where we are on in your area, just check your local TV listings or go to www.metv.com and click on "where to watch". You can live-Tweet during the show on Twitter with the many Sven fans who do so-using the hashtag # svengoolie. In Chicago, local viewers can get hands-on experience once again from Peter Lorre in “The Beast with Five Fingers” this morning at 11 am on CW26.

Check out the new merchandise arriving in our store- the really spiffy Tervis Sven drinkware- and, this Wednesday, watch for the first licensed Sven t shirts from an outside company-Fright Rags, known for their horror genre clothing! These are the first MeTV sanctioned items on the open market, thanks to our new licensing agreement- and we think you’ll agree they are pretty Sven-sational!

Tonight is also a special anniversary for us- it was eleven years ago today that our show first aired nationally on the MeTV network! Our program has grown, along with the network, and is a huge success all around the country! We are honored and grateful for your support! As they said in “Spinal Tap”- “this one goes to eleven”- and now, beyond that!

Join us tonight for Henry Hull getting hairy and scary on MeTV!

Newly Released Insulated Tumblers!


Fans have been asking for ways to take Sven on the go, and I’m happy to announce that we now have Svengoolie Tervis insulated tumblers available in the MeTV store! Take your pick of these double-walled tumblers that will keep your cold drinks cold and your hot drinks hot for much longer than an episode of Svengoolie! And, after a late night of thrills and chills, you can take your morning joe on the go with me! These are great even if your “go” is from the fridge to the TV!



Order one for you, and one for your best goolie!

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 during show

1MikeM 10 months ago
...and dat was da Werewolf of London...and dat's da name a dat tune.
1MikeM 8 months ago
This comment has been removed.
MADave 10 months ago
Bloggers start your fingers
The1Butler MADave 10 months ago
I have 2 left thumbs , but ill give it a shot .
Katink 10 months ago
Even a man who is pure in heart, and says his prayers by night;
May become a wolf when the wolfsbane blooms and the autumn moon is bright.
The1Butler Katink 10 months ago
So true , it is so
CarrieCastro 10 months ago
Wow it is 96*🌞 today!
I think the beach ⛱
Is waiting for me 🐚

See you later 🐳
abc123 10 months ago
Checking the internet for Wolf Man snack ideas, I found this. I know my version will not look as cool, but i will try to replicate something close.
Jack abc123 10 months ago
Welsh rarebit?
Drang Jack 10 months ago
Relsh werebit?
CrazyK abc123 10 months ago
That looks pretty doable, maybe you can use a Chocolate Moon Pie (for flavor & texture) for the face and cover it w/ice cream or not.
I think the ears may be the challenge, some kind of chocolate covered dry fruit maybe?
Katink abc123 10 months ago
Can't wait to see it, abc!
abc123 10 months ago
My fan will call this movie just Wolf Man, because that is what I found when researching my verse.
Does it really matter?
CrazyK abc123 10 months ago
My vote is no, it doesn’t matter.
Klaatu abc123 10 months ago
How do you fit long movie titles on the fan? Something like The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms, or It Came From Beneath The Sea?
abc123 Klaatu 10 months ago
I can have up to seven lines of text. I have not yet needed to use more than four.
MrsG abc123 10 months ago
You are the Man and we Love the FAN , no matter what !
Drang abc123 10 months ago
Allowances can be made for scansion and rhyme.
abc123 abc123 10 months ago
NOTE: each line holds 18 characters (including spaces).
Aceman2 10 months ago

CrazyK Aceman2 10 months ago
Cool posters and press kit 😎
Good to see you posting them again 👍
Thereman Aceman2 10 months ago
Bravo Aceman! Great posters, and even better to have you back at it!
Klaatu Aceman2 10 months ago
Ya know…it doesn’t seem to matter what language, because a picture is worth a thousand words.
Katink Aceman2 10 months ago
So glad to see you posting posters, Aceman!!!
Aceman2 10 months ago
From the press kit for THE WOLF MAN 1941
MrsG Aceman2 10 months ago
Woohoo ! Shox-ploitation even !
Thanks Aceman , SO very good to see Your posters again , and Your progress !
Mikeyyy 10 months ago
I feel better with everyone support and well wishes My vision is blurry in that eye right now but at least I got the eyepatch off. Just have to wear to bed and keep my head down till Monday the dr said
Katink Mikeyyy 10 months ago
So glad you are doing well, Mikeyyy!
Tygercat Mikeyyy 10 months ago
Glad to hear you did well! It will get better!
Aceman2 Mikeyyy 10 months ago
You’ve been rooting for me and I’m trying to return the favor. Get well soon Mikeyyy
Thereman Mikeyyy 10 months ago
Glad to hear things are getting better ❤️‍🩹! Take it easy, and get well soon!
CrazyK Aceman2 10 months ago
Root, root & cheer for the home team! Monster style! 👍 📣
deadringer42 Mikeyyy 10 months ago
Very pleased to hear things are improving.
MrsG 10 months ago
Hey Mikeyyy ~
Hope You are hanging in there !

CrazyK MrsG 10 months ago
That’s a good one MrsG 😂
It’s not such a bad side-effect as long as you get the perks that go with it 😁
MrsG CrazyK 10 months ago
Wowzer meezer Meester !
That oughta get Mikeyyy feeling groovy !
CrazyK 10 months ago
Me now…
Me later (12 EST)
MrsG CrazyK 10 months ago
He’s baaaack !
The competition is fierce !
Good Luck CrazyK , or should I say , Fleet Fingers ? ! ? !
MrsG 10 months ago
Just when you think you’ve seen it ALL ~ ~ Ben Cartwright’s riding an elephant ~ ~
Holy Pachyderm Batman !
MADave 10 months ago
My sincerest apologies to the Anita the administrator for showing this but this is my beautiful niece Brooke who I lost week due to a drunk driver
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Drjim MADave 10 months ago
Aceman2 MADave 10 months ago
MADave - My sympathies and condolences to you and your family for the loss of one so young. Stay strong.
Thereman MADave 10 months ago
No worries about admin., this is the right thing. So sorry for your loss. Stay strong!
CarrieCastro MADave 10 months ago
Sorry for your loss of your loved one MaDave 🥀🕊
Katink 10 months ago
Rats! Looks like our hotel doesn't get MeTv, so we will probably miss Saturday's feature.
MADave Katink 10 months ago
Oh bummer we will miss you
MrsG Katink 10 months ago
Enjoy a wonderful family reunion Katink and we will keep You posted on ALL the SvenAntics !
Katink MrsG 10 months ago
I hope to be around for tonight's races, though! Just from a different time zone.
Klaatu 10 months ago
What a great movie this Sventurday to celebrate getting back to normality after my wife’s dealing with family crud, and missing Sven for the last two weeks🥵. It’s time to cook and drink and swim (yes it’s been like 95 here) and watch Svengoolie 👍
daleuhlmann Klaatu 10 months ago
95 degrees, Klaatu? Good grief, it's only April! What is your summer going to be like?
TheKodakKid Klaatu 10 months ago
Right now we’re at 52, and with the wind chill, feels like 45!
Mikeyyy TheKodakKid 10 months ago
I know huh! Crazy April then we’ll transition to summer quickly I bet
MrsG Mikeyyy 10 months ago
40’s here ~ weather guy is calling our yo-yo weather *Sprinter* !
Ready for a nice cozy WOLFMAN movie !
CrazyK MrsG 10 months ago
“My” Weather Gal, Misty Drizzle says it gonna be 90° with rain tomorrow but I’m not sure where? 😂
CrazyK 10 months ago
That’s it, thanks for the early morning Toons MeTV 👍
CarrieCastro 10 months ago
Good morning 🌞
Hope your all doing
well today 🌼🎩🌼

Here I'am watching
some toons 😄 need
some cheering up 🐛

It was Popeye first
😊☕ and now that
goofy Daffy Duck and
Bugs 😃 too funny!

Going home tomorrow
for some rest and to be with my family 💝
Miss them 🏡 very
much already 2 months care for my mom and living with her👵
Coming soon help for her ☺ daily.

Have a nice Friday 🌞
Ooo it's going to be 95*
today 😎 yahoo!
See you later⚘👻⚘
The1Butler CarrieCastro 10 months ago
Twice what the temp is here today ! Keep up the good work with your Mom 😀
Aceman2 CarrieCastro 10 months ago
How wonderful of you to stay with your mom and provide care. You must be exhausted.
Katink CarrieCastro 10 months ago
You are a good daughter, Carrie!
CarrieCastro Aceman2 10 months ago
Yes I'am exhausted
Aceman 😴
Have a nice weekend
😎🎏 See you later!
CarrieCastro Katink 10 months ago
Thank you 🌸💗🌸
CarrieCastro The1Butler 10 months ago
It was 97* today
is it summer 🌞
already ⛱
Thank you she is doing so much
better 👵💕
Have a great weekend 🌞🎏
CrazyK 10 months ago
Wow Elmer sure lost a Lot of weight in the last 20 minutes!!!
He must be on one of them
Screwy, Looney diets!!!
The1Butler CrazyK 10 months ago
Carrots 🥕
abc123 10 months ago
I too am still a patches pal!
Klaatu 10 months ago
Elmer Fudd…I think one of the most under appreciated characters in the WB toons, who gave us so many repeatable phrases of any character.
PatS Klaatu 10 months ago
I was a little surprised to view an earlier cartoon -- a hunting dog tries to find Bugs -- in which the dog says one of Elmer's classic lines: "Hey, that was the rabbit!"
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