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Sat 9:00AM

A Bugs Bunny BOOnanza Bash

Broom-stick Bunny, Water, Water ...  

"Bugs makes a visit to Witch Hazel who is infatuated with her own ugliness and needs a rabbit for her stew... , A flood floats a sleeping Bugs and his mattress off his bed and out of his rabbithole, downriver to the castle of an evil scientist. , A gremlin hijacks a WWII bomber and Bugs must stop him before the gremlin does some serious damage. , While tunneling to Pittsburgh, Bugs Bunny mistakenly surfaces in Transylvania and meets a vampire named Count Bloodcount. , Bugs gets himself adopted as a pet by a kindly soul who has been feeding him carrots every day. Bugs' friend turns out to be Dr. Jekyll who drinks his evil potion and turns into a monster. , A mad scientist sends a beautful rabbit-robot to lure Bugs in as food for his monster. "

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Sat 10:00AM

The Wild Wild West

The Night of the Man-Eating House  

"Jim, Artie, and a sheriff are accompanying a prisoner through the swamps when they take refuge in an abandoned house... haunted by the spirit of a dead woman."

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Sat 11:00AM

Wagon Train

Little Girl Lost  

"A little girl, crying each night, appears to be a ghost from The Donner Party. Many people hear her, but she appears each night to Charlie, who questions his own sanity."

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Kerwyn delivers a joke submitted by Brian Thompson from Clinton.

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