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The Crawling Eye
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In Case You “Mist” It Before- Set Your Peepers on “The Crawling Eye”- Tonight!

Tonight on MeTV- appropriately, it’s time for us to follow “Black Friday” with a “Black and White Saturday”- so we’ll be heading up to a snowy mountain peak surrounded by a mysterious mist that conceals a deadly menace to mankind! Any mountaineer who dares to climb into it risks certain death- which poses a major threat when it moves downwards towards a populated town! Terror dwells inside the mist – it’s “The Crawling Eye”!

The Swiss mountain Trollenberg seems almost cursed, as many of the climbers who came to scale its heights recently have met with a tragic death. Aboard a train approaching the mountain, we meet two sisters, Anne and Sarah Pilgrim, sharing a train compartment ...

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