You now have a chance to fly in zero gravity with George Takei

A vehicle dubbed "the vomit comet" does not exactly sound like a dream ride. Yet it is one of the cheapest ways to come close to being an astronaut. A plane climbs and dives at a 45-degree angle. When topping out at the peak of the flight path, for a brief time, everything in the cabin floats. It's a great way to simulate the weighlessness of space. NASA's officially nicknamed its reduced-gravity aircraft the Weightless Wonders, and the jets have been used to film everything from Apollo 13 to amazing music videos.

Now you can ride in one. With Sulu from Star Trek.

The private company Zero G is teaming with Roddenberry Adventures to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Star Trek with a unique journey, and George Takei is tagging along. On August 3, 2016, a Zero G plane will take off from Las Vegas for a weightless ride tens of thousands of feet above Nevada. There is room aboard the aircraft for 20 fans. Tickets for the journey cost $6,500, plus tax.

Ticket holders will be able to "mingle with the actor… in standard gravity," too. No word on whether Takei will take off his shirt and run around the plane with a fencing sword.


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