What if everyone on Star Trek: The Original Series had a beard?

Thanks to FaceApp, we now know.

FaceApp is the internet toy of the week. The photo filter tool allows you to manipulate portraits in a variety of ways, the most popular of which is the aging feature. Even Ed Asner is getting in on the fun.

Another silly thing you can do in the app is slap facial hair on anyone. It's pretty nifty. Our mind immediately turned to Star Trek, a rather clean-shaven franchise. In fact, facial hair has a particular history in the Trek universe. In the classic episode "Mirror, Mirror," Evil Spock pops up in the transporter sporting a righteous goatee and 'stache. That's how you know he's evil. 

In the latest Trek series, Discovery, a young Spock turns up with a shaggy neckbeard, like he plays bass in a hardcore band.

For our own amusement, we wanted to see what the men of the Enterprise would look like with beards — and some villains, too.

Wonder no more.

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RobertotheBear3991 41 months ago
Khan obviously looks right now as he was supposed to have been a Sikh. Interestingly, Kirk now looks more like Commodore Decker while McCoy actually looks the way he would if trapped on an alien world for too long. Perhaps his tenure on Capella IV. The others didn't fit as much, but that beard on Spock together with his hair from TMP for the way he should have looked in "All Our Yesterdays". Pretty neat to consider.
Wells 59 months ago
The Star Trek cast would probably have avoided a lot of "close shaves". ;)
RedjacArbez 59 months ago
Spock did have a beard in one episode (Mirror, Mirror)...Balok the Imam!! And you put a beards on a FEMALE ( The Talosian Keeper Played by MEG RYAN from the pilot ...pre Kirk)
Meg Wyllie not Ryan, Ryan was about age 4 at the time.
logicgrrl 59 months ago
I gotta tell ya, the Enterprise men and Khan all looked pretty hot!
stephaniestavropoulos 59 months ago
Okay, METV, you've paid homage to the episode "Mirror Mirror," now how about paying homage to the episode "Naked Time?!?! If that's possible. I realize that this is a "family website," feel free to place communicators and phasers on certain anatomical parts, to keep this site "family friendly."
I must apologize to all those Star Trek purists out there, and want only correct titles. I want to correct myself. The "correct" title is "The Naked Time."
UTZAAKE 59 months ago
"What if everyone on Star Trek: The Original Series had a beard?" Why stop there. Give them Philadelphia Flyers sweaters, too!
You must be a Flyers fan, {I, myself,l don't like hockey.} But I think there are other hockey fans, who would rather see another jersey on the Star Trek crew: the current Stanley Cup winners The St. Louis Blues.
Actually a casual hockey fan with soft spots for both the Rangers and Canucks. Only two things I like about the Flyers are the team colors (I'm a diehard Orioles fan!) and Gritty, the smartest mascot in the world of sports (https://twitter.com/Gainesville_SA/status/1091115695037923328).
ETristanBooth 59 months ago
Balok seems a little young for a beard.
Beta6 60 months ago
Oh those were fun! And seeing the beard, one side white and the other black got me laughing while sitting here. Bones looked pretty darn good!
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