Watch a long lost 'Cheers' episode made for the U.S. government

"Uncle Sam Malone" was made to promote U.S. savings bonds.

Cliff Clavin was a font of trivia and a government employee. What better 1980s sitcom character was there to tell people about U.S. savings bonds. "You redeem your bonds at any time after six months," Cliff tells his pals at the bar in the 11-minute episode "Uncle Sam Malone." The film dates from early in the show's run, as it features Nicholas Colasanto in the Cheers gang, who convinces Diane of the merits of savings bonds.

The short was written by Ralph Phillips, who had previously penned a savings bond–promoting Benson episode. Though it was never officially made available, this rare piece of Cheers is available to watch today on Phillips' Vimeo page. Watch it below.

Cheers - "Uncle Sam Malone" from RALPH PHILLIPS on Vimeo.

Hollywood lending a hand to Washington was nothing new. In 1954, George Reeves appeared in an educational film for the government titled "Stamp Day for Superman," which is now in the public domain. Batman helped sell bonds, too.

Mr. Ed, Leave It to Beaver, Father Knows Best, Taxi and WKRP in Cincinnati also produced educational films for the government.

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