Was this Happy Days episode secretly an Elvis tribute?

It aired a few months after we lost the King.

Elvis Presley’s legacy is larger than life, but one of the biggest impacts he made in terms of the entertainment industry was by showing how powerfully lucrative the "youth market" was by selling endless concerts, movies, magazines and merchandise.

After the King of rock 'n' roll passed away in August 1977, it would take years before TV Guide attempted to wrap their heads around how TV responded to this major loss in pop culture.

With a cover story in 1981, TV Guide took a long look at how news programs covered Elvis’ death, but that feature overlooked how fictional TV shows handled the news at that time.

Take, for example, Happy Days, which aired the two-part episode "Fonzie, Rock Entrepreneur" just a few months after Elvis died.

Although it’s never been directly stated, this pair of episodes, looking back, could be viewed as one of the earliest Elvis tributes to air.

In part one, Richie tries to help Leather Tuscadero and her girl group get booked at Arnold’s Diner.

In that episode, Leather’s band plays two Elvis Presley songs, "Heartbreak Hotel" and "All Shook Up."

It’s likely that any fans watching were viewed as being in the same youth market that the King dominated, and Happy Days gave them a chance to mourn his loss by bopping to his hits played by Suzi Quatro.

Quatro famously became a rocker because of her love of Elvis, but she wasn’t the only huge Elvis fan in the room.

Happy Days creator Garry Marshall grew up with his actor sister Penny, who was a card-carrying member of the Elvis Presley Fan Club.

Surely, Elvis hits were blasted in their family home, and later when Garry was in the Army, his very first band cast an Elvis impersonator as their lead singer.

Marshall was always ready to tap into the zeitgeist, and being in that band with an Elvis impersonator became a pivotal moment for Marshall.

He writes in his memoir My Happy Days in Hollywood that it was in that band that he realized he wanted to be an entertainer.

It’s unclear whether Elvis Presley’s death in 1977 directly led Marshall to co-write the episodes for "Fonzie, Rock Entrepreneur," but the fact that it aired a few months later made the Happy Days scenes part of the TV reaction, either way.

It doesn’t matter if you see it as an extension of his legacy, or a tribute to it.

On top of Marshall’s fandom and obvious nods to Elvis in Fonzie’s cool-guy aesthetic, the whole time Henry Winkler played Fonzie, he endured comparisons to Elvis Presley for becoming the next pop sensation to dominate the "youth market."

Seemingly, a torch was passed between them.

In 1977, Elvis Presley’s publicist Earl Wingard told the Daily Press that in Elvis’ early days, magazines "couldn’t come out with an issue without Elvis, just as today, they couldn’t have an issue without the Fonz."

But Wingard said the important difference between Fonzie – arguably the most famous TV character created by Marshall – and Elvis was that Fonzie was a fictional character whom Henry Winkler might one day be able to leave behind.

"I think it’s interesting that Fonzie, with his duck-tailed hair, leather jacket and boots, set in the ‘50s, is the type of character identified with Elvis," Wingard said. "Henry Winkler has encountered almost the same problems as Elvis had with fan recognition, but it won’t continue. At the close of Happy Days, it will fade. But Elvis was Elvis. He could only be Elvis, and there was no way he could step out of that cocoon."

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eddiecantorfan 18 days ago
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Mark091 LoveMETV22 11 days ago
"Let's just have Chuck just
DISAPEAR and see how much
Mail we get. We didn't get much mail."
Which proves once and for all
that Chuck Cunningham
Disappeared from Happy Days with no explanation.
Mark091 LoveMETV22 11 days ago
The above quote was from
Happy Days producer Garry Marshall about Chuck Cunningham.
Dave Sundstrom also said that
Chuck Cunningham simply
Disappeared from Happy Days.
LoveMETV22 Mark091 11 days ago
So you clearly don't grasp the point. " Your comment in your little Mr Sundstrom blog
" Then a person with the User Name of
LoveMeTv 22 comes on the METV Comment Line and days that the Character Chuck Cunningham was
RETCONNED on Happy Days
I don't know who came up with the
Word Retconned but I don't buy that theory or idea."
Your words exactly. I personally don't care and not looking for agreement, as the whole subject is trivial. However the use of my screename in another forum to substantiate your points is "weak."
I don't need to list your screenames as you know what they are, and to ask that in a current story "The Summer of Me" story is also "weak" as I will not respond. It's called "Chat Room Etiquette" which you may wish to research as you seem to have your view as the only viewpoint, and when anyone points that out you ignore or try to portray that you are being picked on. (Filling a chatroom with videoclips as an example). If you weren't using more than one screename then why did you respond to denny's comment to eddiecantorfan? If you hadn't used bagandwallyfan then why would you include it in your question
" Also could you list ALL
Of The User Names That I have
Used?(Bag & Wally ETC.)."
LoveMETV22 Mark091 11 days ago
PS: I don't care if you use 100 different screenames, and to get into a discussion is pointless. However you're not fooling anyone. Also right after Denny posted his frustration you filled The Mayberry Mike's Trivia Challenge: with 10 videoclips in succession, what was up with that C'mon. Take a step back occasionally and try to see others viewpoints beside your own.
Deleted 24 days ago
This comment has been removed.
eddiecantorfan 24 days ago
The Happy Days article said that Spike (Danny Butch) made
Fleeting appearances before the introduction of Chachi Arcola Scott Baio and the
Kinship between Spike and
Chachi was not explained.
So Wikipedia is saying that
Spike and Chachi are the same
Person in one place and in another place they say that
Spike and Chachi are two different persons.
So Wikipedia is not always
accurate at all times.
LoveMETV22 24 days ago
Chachi was played by Scott Baio. Spike was played by Danny Butch. Angelfire is a novel series by
Courtney Allison Moulton. Wikipedia may have a page about the Angelfire Novel Series. Sounds like your combining the two. Wikipedia is not an author or publisher of any novels, stories etc... They're just an informational website.
eddiecantorfan 25 days ago
Person's who watch PLUTO TV can
HAPPY Days on channel 505.
All 11 seasons of Happy Days are seen on Pluto TV .
Other old TV shows.like The
Jeffersons Sanford And Son and
Perry Mason can be seen on
Pluto TV. I can't find The Lone Ranger or The Smothers Brothers
Show which was a sitcom where
Tom Smothers played an Angel
And Dick Smothers worked for
Mr Costello (Roland Winters).
I wish that METV would show
Days Gilligan's Island GOMER Pyle USMC and Green Acres.
I wish that I could find the
western Black Saddle where
Russell Johnson played Marshall Gib Scott before he
Played Professor Roy Hinkley
On Gilligan's Island.
I wonder if any companies
Make DVRS that will record
Local Channels like VCR s
Used to do.
eddiecantorfan 25 days ago
Have any companies ever made a
VCP(Video Cassette Player) which
Would be similar to VCRs but. VCP
Would Play Videocassettes but there
With a Video Cassette Player you
Could play tapes but you couldn't
record with blank Videocassettes.
Also on VCRs that TRANSFER
Video Tapes To DVDS:
Can you transfer an 8 hour tape to
8 hours on a DVD?
Is there any way to receive
TV Land and Superstation TBS
And other channels without
Subscribing to Cable TV or
Satellite TV(DIRECT TV and DISH)?Does any companies
Make DVRs that will record
Local Channels on a TV antenna like VCRs did?
Are there DVD Recorders that
If you buy blank DVD will record live TV(Local Channels).
A combined answer to your queries: Yes most likely they have the items you mention: VCP, DVD Recorder, as technology has advanced you may not find them in retail stores though. VCP would be very old, DVD recorders went the way of Blue Ray then DVR. There are devices that transfer old tapes and such to digital format, probably pricey ( might be cheaper to pay to have the transfer done.) On TV Land and TBS - they are not free or OTA, you can probably get them through a subscription streaming service like Hulu or others.
eddiecantorfan 25 days ago
There is an iny article on my cellphone called "Roger Phillips On
Happy Days Should Have Been A
Returned Chuck Cunningham and
It's written by BRIAN CRONIN in a
New Feati called "Something Better"
Is there a way that I can make a
Copy of that Article?
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Potsie Anson Williams WAS
On Love And The Happy Days episode of Love And The Happy Days originally Love And The
TV Set. On Gavan O Herlihy s
Last Episode of Happy Days
He got the Last Laugh .
Chuck was the only person who liked Joanie's willow soup
So Richie Howard Marion and
Joanie all gave Chuck their soup. Fade Out for Gavan O Herlihy in the Happy Days episode Give The Band A Hand .
Randolph Roberts played
Chuck Cunningham in Only
2 episodes of Happy Days:
Richie Moves Out and Guess Who's Coming To Christmas?
I wonder who played BUZZ
In Guess Who's Coming To Christmas .BUZZ was the
Cunningham Hardware employee who fell down in the
Hardware store when Howard
Said Hey Buzz we haven't heard from you all day and then Buzz fell down in the
Hardware store .
It looks like Randolph was brought in to fill the role for however many episodes, the storyline progressed and that was the history. Gary Marshall was always kind to his actors, writers etc....So Robert's probably played the roles for his character that were written in the storyline and that was it.
What happened to your first
Comment about Gavan O Herlihy wanting out of his
Contract in response to my
Comments on Retconning or
Not Retconning .Your comments Disappeared into thin air like Chuck Cunningham
Disappeared into thin air or you
Or someone else deleted your
eddiecantorfan 26 days ago
Garry Marshall made Uncredited
Appearances on Happy Days
Playing the drums at least one
time on the episode where everyone
graduated from Jefferson High School and Fonzie graduated from
night school.
Also I wonder if Garry Marshall created all of the characters on Happy Days or if the writers created
some of the characters on Happy Days.Potsie did an excellent job of
Singing All Shhok Up on the season
one episode of Happy Days called
Give The Band A Hand and this episode was the first appearance of
Richie's band.
Does anyone remember Frankie
Milina and the Dukes and Dooley And The Dragons on
Happy Days?
Also I wonder if Elvis Presley
Record Albums or 45RPM Singles are worth money?
Pacificsun 27 days ago
I'm still not sure why they're "wondering" if this was a tribute. What else could it be, given an airdate of about 2.5 mos. after the death of Elvis. Perhaps it's a catchy title, but anything about Elvis is sure to be read even by average fans.
RichLorn 27 days ago
I'm All Shook Up, I feel like a Hound Dog needing a hug like your Teddy Bear. So Don't Be Cruel and Return To Sender, or I'll spend my days hammering a Jailhouse Rock.
Jeffrey 27 days ago
I don't remember seeing it either, the first time maybe parts of it the second or third time.
genie12 28 days ago
I missed the episode the first time, my mom was a big fan of Elvis.
Moverfan 28 days ago
I vaguely remember that episode (I can hear Suzi Quatro singing All Shook Up, but that's about it). The one I remember was when Richie got Fonzie to sing...well, perform...Heartbreak Hotel. He said something about it being a favorite song, then "it's somebody's favorite...it ain't mine!".
Andybandit 29 days ago
Wow, interesting story. Elvis passed away too young.
Barry22 29 days ago
Yes it aired a few months after he passed away, but when was it filmed?
LoveMETV22 Barry22 29 days ago
It was filmed at Paramount Studios with the following Production Companies:
Miller-Milkis Productions/ Henderson Productions and Paramount Television.
You could research it further or contact the production companies to satisfy your curiosity.
Pacificsun Barry22 28 days ago
Link: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0596209/trivia?ref_=ttloc_ql_trv_1

Unless series has a backlog from pre-season, given a partial summer hiatus, they need to be ready to open the season.

From the announcement of Elvis death, this show had to be in production pretty quickly for a Nov 8 airdate. Post-production and network scheduling also has to be considered.
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