Vote for your favorite Bugs Bugs cartoon… and we'll show the winner!

Watch 'Toon In With Me' on Friday, May 7, at 7AM | 6C to see the winner of our fan poll!

Bugs Bunny had many adversaries, from Elmer Fudd to Yosemite Sam. The rabbit faced bulls, monsters, aliens, and tortoises. He snapped carrots and sang opera. There are countless memorable moments and lines. And, of course, that immortal catchphrase, "What's up, Doc?"

But which Bugs short is your favorite? We curated a list of Looney Tunes classics. Now, it is up to you to vote for your favorite. We're calling it The Best of Bugs.

And the "best" part is — we're revealing the winner on-air in an episode of Toon In With Me. "Toon In" to see the winning cartoon on May 7 at 7AM | 6C!  It's the grand finale of The Best of Bugs week on Toon In With Me. Learn more about the history of Bugs, and stay tuned for special guests.

But first: What is the most beloved Bugs Bunny cartoon? 

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KathiPorter 38 months ago
What cartoon won the Best of Bugs contest?
Blondie7 39 months ago
Love Falling Hare -1943 My son would run it back and watch it over and over.
jeepgrrl420 39 months ago
I wrote in my fav, “Water, Water Every Hare”, the one where the evil scientist is a cartoon Boris Karloff, and Bugs Bunny gives the Red Monster a permanent.

I’m so happy that MeTV has resurrected these old cartoons from back when we were all kids! I still love them a half century later, so much adult humor that as a kid I didn't pick up on. I’ve seen a few reruns, but hopefully MeTV has access to the full Looney Toons/Merrie Melodies collections.
JohnMann 39 months ago
My favorite Bugs Bunny Roadrunner
Mike63 39 months ago
I love bugs bunny road runner and Tom & Jerry
Lonnie6761 39 months ago
Don't really have a favorite since I love them all and have watched for more than 60 years. But if I have to choose, I choose "Bully for Bugs." I love the lines "What a gulla-bull" and "What a nin-cow-poop."
2) this is NOT an advertisement site. I do not care how much you earned on-line.
3) if one finds they cannot vote, if you just registered, try confirming your email by going to your email and clicking the link.
4) Keep up the good work. I waited for years, literally, to see Looney Tunes again.
Foub1983 39 months ago
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calvinbscott 39 months ago
Signed in, signed out, signed in again. Still says page doesn’t exist.
calvinbscott calvinbscott 39 months ago
“Hillbilly Hare”!
Kelley1 39 months ago
If it won't let you vote try logging in. Also, there's a write-in box at the bottom of the page. I could think of at least half a dozen Bugs cartoons I just adore that I could have written in. At least, one of them was available, so I voted for that. It was a difficult decision, though, whatever was the case. I believe Bill might do well to devote one episode to Bugs on the anniversary of his debut, or his creator's birthday, for example. And no, Toony's not a sidekick. He's a co-host.
AlizaAdd 39 months ago
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Mhev1970 AlizaAdd 39 months ago
This is not an advertisement page ya moron!!!
Mrusso 39 months ago
So glad to see the looney tunes in their glory!! Without the ridiculous pc of today. We love watching these again.
robtich99 39 months ago
I just voted for my favorite Bugs Bunny (Seville) but I was really hoping to vote for one of my all time favorites, "Scaredy Cat". Love the show!
LLTempleton 39 months ago
Today's set was phenomenally good! Any day you show one from the 40s is a great day!
mrsbinqueens 39 months ago
Great collection this morning. Thanks for starting our day off bright!
LittleMissNoName 39 months ago
Just finished reading the CBR article listing all the special guests for the May Bugs event. I'm really impressed!
RedSamRackham 39 months ago
* Wow! Bill's last name is Leff, a variation of Levy! One of our boys! ☺ ♦
moax429 39 months ago
What!? No "Napoleon Bunny-Part (1956)?"

*That* has to be my all-time favorite Looney Tunes short starring Bugs. Especially funny - at least, what I remember about it - is in the summer of 1976, when WKBD-TV, Channel 50 in Detroit ran that short, I recorded the soundtrack on my cassette tape recorder and then I began learning all the dialogue by heart. Some of the rhythmic music score was good, too, to the point I began slapping my knees in time to the music and talking along with the script whenever I saw the short again and my mother and younger sister were so P.O.'d that they screamed at me to stop.

What memories. No wonder I think "Napoleon Bunny-Part" was so funny! (And also "Bewitched Bunny" - why wasn't *that* one included?)
manybrent 39 months ago
My favorites are the operas. Also, the Red Riding Hood with the Bobbie Sox
Morella72 39 months ago
One of my all time favourites is Wackiki Wabbit. I remember my brother and I would “dance” along with the castaways in our living room. Love that puppet chicken and Bugs’ facial expression! Choosing one was impossible. I’m just looking forward to seeing them all again.

Thanks MeTV for bringing back great childhood memories!
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