Toys R Us takes us back to the '70s and '80s in new holiday ad

The toy store doesn't wanna grow up, harkening back to its heyday.

From 1969 to 1989, if you walked into any Toys R Us store, you probably remember it had a brown roof and bold, rainbow-colored stripes that ran vertically up and down its walls. Its aisles encouraged you to stay and play, and for parents, it was probably impossible to escape the fun zone without an armful of toys. Within those walls, surely "I don't wanna go home" was repeated nearly as often as the store's famous jingle sang, "I don't wanna grow up."

Well, as Toys R Us seeks to remain relevant to today's kids, they've been looking to their past successes for inspiration. Since declaring bankruptcy in September, it seems their first step in rebuilding is reminding '70s and '80s kids of all those special trips they took to the store back in the day. Their latest holiday ad strings together clips from Toys R Us commercials that date as far back as 1978, and it's likely to tug on heartstrings of kids who drew up Christmas wishlists in those decades. Watch the spot below.

In the commercial, Toys R Us even got singer Jenny Lewis (who you can see as a child actress playing piano in the spot!) to update their classic jingle. Instead of that old familiar line, "It's the biggest toy store there is," Toys R Us takes the humble route and switches it up to, "We've been with you through all these years." Whether their plan to recapture the loyalties of '70s and '80s kids works or not, the commercial is likely to drum up extra feelings any time we hear it around the holidays either way.

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