This trendy doll company left Jan Brady out of their Brady Bunch pack

"Marcia, Marcia, Marcia" just got real.

Funko is a company deeply rooted in nostalgia. Their first collectible figurine in 1998 was of the Big Boy mascot, and since then, they've moved on to popular characters from Disney icons to Star Wars heroes. Their latest wave of nostalgia has hit fans of 1970s TV hard: They've put out a new collection of figures modeled after The Brady Bunch. That's right, you can collect all six ... Bobby, Peter, Greg, Marcia, Cindy and ... Alice? Wait. Where's Jan?

On the back of the packaging, Funko teases of the famously "forgettable" Brady kid: "... don't worry about Jan, we're all about 'Marcia, Marcia, Marcia' for now." This leaves it open for Funko to release a Jan doll in the future, as well as Mr. and Mrs. Brady to complete the whole family, but it still stings every time you look at the figurines and recognize the dysfunction of not seeing "three girls of her own."

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