This stunning Frank Lloyd Wright home hasn't changed at all since the 1960s

Looking at these photos is like stepping back in time.

With the warmer weather approaching, millions of homes across the country will soon hit the market.

Once in a blue moon, a property will pop up that reminds us of our childhood and remains in its original condition. Sometimes, the homes look so familiar to us, we're tempted to place a down payment!

It's hard enough to find a mid-century modern home that still exudes 1960s charm. But finding one designed by Frank Lloyd Wright that hasn't been changed since then is nearly impossible.

The 3-bedroom two-bathroom home is up for sale for the first time since it was constructed in 1960. Wright worked on the property until his death in 1959 at the age of 91. 

The home is located in St. Louis Park, Minnesota, just a mile away from Mary Richard's fictional home on The Mary Tyler Moore Show

We think the future homeowners would have an easy time throwing a dinner party like Richards. 

All of the original wooden furniture, also designed by Wright, remains in pristine condition. 

Just check out the built-in furniture! 

The open floor plan and large windows allow for an abundance of sunshine, too. 

Even though the home is a Frank Lloyd Wright, we still spot some popular trends from the '60s. Case in point: the light pink bathtub. 

It may not look like our childhood home, but this timeless property is a striking reminder of a bygone era. 

The original homeowners, now in their 90s, recently put the property on the market for $1.395 million. 

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jeopardyhead 65 months ago
For a long time, I've had the feeling that the vacation home depicted in the final act of North by Northwest was inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright.
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