They're making a movie out of Carol Burnett's memoir on being a mother

Carol Burnett fan Tina Fey has also signed on as a producer.

In 2013, Carol Burnett published a memoir that explored a unique side of the famous TV performer. Carrie and Me: A Mother-Daughter Love Story found the comedian compiling what would become an intimate portrait of her relationship with her daughter Carrie Hamilton, including photos and personal diaries.

If you missed this memoir until now or if you read it and understand the power of its narrative, there's news of a new way to experience this special story. Variety has announced we'll all have a chance to see the actress share the story on the big screen, as the memoir will be turned into a movie, putting together Burnett with one her biggest fans in the TV industry, Tina Fey, both signed on as producers.

Many Burnett fans will remember that her daughter Carrie had personal struggles to overcome, and Carrie and Me shows from Burnett's loving perspective how the mother and daughter dealt with some of life's more serious issues. Hamilton became an actress herself, memorably featuring on the cast of Fame and in The X-Files episode "Monday," and even occasionally guest starring on TV alongside her mom. The book also shows this side of Hamilton, as well as Burnett as a working mom and successful performer. It ultimately shares Burnett's experience dealing with the loss of her daughter to cancer in 2002. You can hear Burnett read the book's preface here.

Carrie and Me is hailed as a tribute to the bond between a mother and daughter, told in the poignant way only Carol Burnett could achieve. The release date has yet been announced, but the movie is now in production.

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