They're bringing back Planters Cheez Balls for the first time in almost 12 years

Cheez-lovers, rejoice!

They came in a blue cannister that was big enough to stick your full hand in, but they have been off the shelves for almost 12 years. Now, Planters is bringing Cheez Balls back, complete with retro packaging. Cheez-lovers, rejoice!

On Wednesday, the popular snack company caused a stir when they announced they would soon be selling Cheez Balls for just $2 a cannister, for a limited time only, in limited locations. As of this moment, that means starting this July, you can buy Cheez Balls on or (Planters says more stores will eventually be added, too.)

Currently, Mr. Peanut's keeping quiet on how long the promotion will last or where else you may find Cheez Balls in the future, but fans of Cheez Curls should also note the company has plans to revive that snack food next.

What other foods do you miss that you think they should bring back? Tell us about your favorite discontinued snacks in the comments!

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