Pick: Were popular McDonald's menu items better in the past or now?

We may need to time travel to take your order.

McDonald's has been a mainstay for many Americans since it was founded in the mid-50s. Of course, a lot has changed since then, including how some of our favorite menu items are prepared.

So today, we want to know how you really feel about McDonald's most popular menu items. Were they better in the past or do you like the way they taste now?

Weigh in below on five of the most controversial moves the company has made in recent times. See how many others agree with your McDonald's orders.
  1. McDonald's french fries recipe changed in 1990. Did you like the French Fries better in the past or now?
  2. McDonald's chicken nuggets switched to antibiotic-free chicken in 2016. Did you like the Chicken McNuggets better in the past or now?
  3. McDonald's stopped frying their apple pies in 1992 and in 2016, changed the recipe. Did you like the apple pies better in the past or now?
  4. In 2016, McDonald's switched from frozen to fresh beef in their Quarter Pounders. Did you like the Quarter Pounders better in the past or now?
  5. In 2017, all the vanilla ice cream used in cones, sundaes and McFlurries changed to include no artificial ingredients. Did you like the ice cream better in the past or now?

Pick: Were popular McDonald's menu items better in the past or now?

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GilDeMarco 20 months ago
McD's and the other fast food places have become overpriced disgusting globs of what they consider food.
They use to cook the food fresh, now it's microwaved. Portions have shrunk, have become tasteless. I rarely go to a fast food place anymore.
BobSmith 45 months ago
McDonalds originally had a quality control program second to none. The quality of the food and the service was extremely good, no matter which McDonalds you went to. Now it's hit or miss, every once in awhile you'll get a Big Mac that someone put together carefully, on a non-greasy bun, with all the internal parts, well internal instead of slathered around, and fresh hot fries. I would say that happens about 1 in 20 times.
Rickey 56 months ago
60% similar
60% similar to the most popular responses
RobChapman 59 months ago
They need to rename the Big Mac the Little Mac, considering how much smaller it is.
Linda 66 months ago
McD has lost its touch years ago. there are literally dozens of fast food chains with better offerings on their menus. The design and service part of getting fast food is actually crucial, and judging by the competition, McDonald's is getting too old.
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