These 23 super-1970s photos will knock you right back to the 1970s

Dyn-o-mite! There's so much 1970s in these pictures, they'll put wood paneling and shag carpeting in your brain.

Who needs a time machine? The past is all around us. We wanted to open a portal to the 1970s on your computer screen, so we gathered the most 1970s pictures we could find. These images are so deeply entrenched in the Me Decade, you can practically smell the musk oil coming off them.

Rewind the clock four decades with a simple scroll down. 

1. Goldie Hawn playing basketball with the Harlem Globetrotters.

Image: AP Photo / Jeff Robbins

2. An 8-track edition of Shaun Cassidy's debut album, Born Late.

Image: Discogs

3. A cross stich pattern of Farrah Fawcett.

Image: Artfire

4. The Bee Gees hanging with Jim Brown at the premiere of Saturday Night Fever.

Image: AP Photo

5. Martin Landau as a teen idol on the cover of Dynamite magazine.

Image: Flashbak

6. "Man's Textured Vest in Knit" catalog.

Image: Mangodebango

7. This hirsute Macho Musk Oil print advertisement.

Image: Superseventies

8. NFL and Make Room for Grandaddy star Rosey Grier doing needlepoint inside his book Needlepoint for Men.

Image: Shewalkssoftly

9. An ad for Mattel's Sunshine Family dolls.

Image: ontheragmag

10. Erik Estrada and Edward James Olmos getting down at New York’s Xenon disco.

Image: AP Photo / Richard Drew

11. This drawing of John Travolta from the cover of the Welcome Back, Kotter comic, Issue 7.

12. Jimmy Carter's son Chip hanging with Laverne and Shirley.

Image: AP Photo / David F. Smith

13. This "microcomputer" catalog from Radio Shack in 1978.

Image: radioshackcatalogs

14. This woman wearing a sweatband in the commercial for Pepsi Light.

Image: YouTube

15. Peter Falk visiting Gerald Ford in the White House.

Image: AP Photo / Charles Tasnadi

16. This colorful shag carpeting, somehow called "Sun King", from Better Homes & Gardens.

Image: Flashbak

17. …which would look perfect under one of these Burlington bedspreads.

Image: Flashbak

18. Linda Ronstadt flying with California Governor Jerry Brown.

Image: Reddit

19. An Elton John 1974 concert tour button from WQXI-AM.

Image: Wolfgang's Vault

20. The Carpenters wearing kimonos inside their album Live in Japan.

Image: Discogs

21. An orange Pinto in a green field by a brown pinto.

Image: Flickr

22. This TV was large enough for a party, in this severely wood paneled room.

Image: boingboing

23. This kid wearing a Fonz costume.

Image: Flickr/rpchurch

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