There's a new podcast all about Bonanza

Comedians play hilarious characters who review specific episodes.

The Everett Collection / Earwolf

The podcast network Earwolf has created a new audio program dedicated to Bonanza. It’s called "Bonanas for Bonanza" and as the name suggests, it's a lighthearted take on the classic Western.

The podcast features comedians playing outlandish characters who riff off of each other but are all united by their love of the show. It's hosted by "the self-described 'Poet Laureate of the West'" Dalton Wilcox, played by Andy Daly. Comedian Maria Bamford plays "Biblical home and garden accessories entrepreneur" Amy Sleeverson and Matt Gourley co-hosts as Mutt Taylor, a fictional "country music legend."

The hosts of the podcast remain in character the entire time as they review specific Bonanza episodes, episode-by-episode starting with season one. (That means they still have 426 episodes to go.) They play clips from the show to highlight certain topics like the family dynamic or which fistfights they like the best.

New guests visit the podcast each week and, like the hosts, are often hilarious fictional characters played by comedians and actors.

Any Bonanza fan who doesn't take the show too seriously is sure to get a good laugh out of this funny and creative podcast!

Take a listen to the latest podcast, a deep dive into episode five, "Enter Mark Twain," below:

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Monday - Saturday at 2 PM

*available in most MeTV markets
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