Then and Now: Barry Livingston of 'My Three Sons' keeps popping up all over network television

The former Ernie Douglas continues to land roles on the small screen.


Before Barry Livingston was even 10 years old, he was a television veteran. The young bespectacled actor landed his first regular role on The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet in 1960. He played a boyed called "Barry," because everyone on that show seemed to go by their real names. With eight episodes of that successful sitcom under his belt, Barry jumped aboard another hit series, My Three Sons.

Barry joined his older brother Stanley. The elder Livingston played the third of the "Three Sons," Chip Douglas. Oddly, Barry was not cast as a blood relative on the show, rather as Ernie Thompson, a young friend of the family who is eventually adopted into the Douglas clan.

The younger Livingston remained on the series until the end, through 1972. For most child stars, that might have spelled the end. After all, few precocious sitcom kids string together a TV career that lasts half a century. But Barry kept working on the small screen.

He appeared on The Streets of San Francisco. He popped up on Police Woman. He turned up on Simon & Simon and Hart to Hart. He played doc on Doogie Howser, M.D. He was a man of medicine on Ally McBeal, too. Over the years, he continued to land guest roles as doctors, lawyers, dads and teachers.

Just this year, Barry Livingston turned in another handful of television shows, comedies like The Middle and Angie Tribeca. Last night, Livingston appeared on his familiar stomping grounds, CBS, in the new sitcom Me, Myself & I

The series centers around the life of one man in three phases of his life, played by John Larroquette of Night Court, Bobby Moynihan of Saturday Night Live and one of the kids from the recent smash horror film It. Livingston turned up as an older relative in one of the flashback scenes. You can stream the episode at CBS.

That's him up top, next to his debut appearance on My Three Sons. It's good to see his glasses have remained a signature look.

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Rickey 54 months ago
He like a roach he still popping up on shows. It seems like he always gets himself killed too!
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