Can you place these vintage shoes and sneakers into the correct decade?

This quiz is just for kicks.

Image: Sears, Travel Fox, Converse

There have been many iconic shoes over the years. Who remembers wearing platform shoes, go-go boots or even clogs?

The way certain shoes were advertised were sometimes just as iconic as the shoes themselves.

The quiz below provides eighteen vintage advertisements from either the 1960s, '70s or '80s. Can you properly place each ad in the right decade? "Shoes" wisely!

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  1. Pedwin
    Image: Pedwin
  2. Sears
    Image: Sears
  3. Turtles by Giorgio Brutini
    Image: Giorgio Brutini
  4. Converse
    Image: Converse
  5. B Altman & Co.
    Image: B Altman & Co.
  6. Gallenkamp
    Image: Gallenkamp
  7. Lunar Gold by Jarman
    Image: Jarman
  8. Adidas
    Image: Adidas
  9. Winthrop
    Image: Winthrop
  10. Two-Tones by Jarman
    Image: Jarman
  11. Converse
    Image: Converse
  12. Trax by Kmart
    Image: Kmart
  13. L.A. Gear
    Image: L.A. Gear
  14. Foot-Joy
    Image: FootJoy
  15. Travel Fox
    Image: Travel Fox
  16. Roblee
    Image: Roblee
  17. Golo Boots
    Image: Golo Footwear
  18. KangaROOS
    Image: KangaROOS

Can you place these vintage shoes and sneakers into the correct decade?

Your Result...

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olddogg 4 months ago
What!? No PF Flyers with the magic wedge?
BuddyHinton olddogg 4 months ago
I know! Seriously man they were the BEST. I begged my mom for a pair of PF Flyers because “the guy on TV said that they’d “Make me run faster & jump higher!” I think they did. In the head of a 7 year old boy. Lol. 💪🏻👍🏻
SheriHeffner 5 months ago
14 out of 18. When I was in junior high school in the 1970s, thy had me convinced that ADIDAS stood for All day I dream about sex.
greasedaily 5 months ago
all of those shoes in the '80's look the same!

Lantern 5 months ago
The ones I got right were only because I guessed based on the clothing and/or hairstyles of the people in the ad.
Moverfan 5 months ago
Why no Thom McAnn? I've still got one of their ads stuck in my head from 50 years ago--"I wanna tell you 'bout the Jaguar shoe... "
Utzaake 5 months ago
12/18. 5, 6, 7, 9, 14 and 17. Very tricky quiz. Easiest questions were the ones about athletic shoes because they weren't marketed as fashion items until the 1980s. Other ones had varying degrees of difficulty, with the toughest being #5 because luxury women's shoe ads never really changed from the 1950s to the 1980s.
dth1971 5 months ago
I wish the 1977 TV commercial for Sears the Winner shoe with the animated boy saying "Converse makes 'em but Sears gives 'em sole!" in it surfaced on a video site someday...
MarthaWashington 5 months ago
I still wear some of those styles. Some of those styles from the 60's to the 80 looked the same to me. I used some of the photos to guide my guess'. Rubber flip flops from the 60's still look the same today....
Catman 5 months ago
8/18. Not even sure why I tried. I knew I was going to get tongue tied. I'm way too straight-laced for this quiz. I lack sole, and I am such a heel. I couldn't keep in step. Failed to toe the line. Don't shoe me away, I'll go quietly.
texasluva Catman 5 months ago
You need a little bit o' sole to put you right
Don't let the shoe door hit you on the way out out of sight
Catman texasluva 5 months ago
I was waiting for the other shoe to drop.
texasluva Catman 5 months ago
Ha! When it does you become almost shoe less. Barefootin' LOL.
LibbyBelle Catman 5 months ago
HAHAHA ditto
Barry22 5 months ago
13/18, and guessed. Anybody remember Dingo boots as endorsed by Joe Namath.
Angela Barry22 5 months ago
Now Joe Namath is endorsing home health care.:(
BuddyHinton Barry22 4 months ago
I had a pair of Dingo boots. I remember wearing them on a date back in 1982. Thought I was the coolest with my Levi’s cords on too!! Lol. 😂
MaryAnn 5 months ago
I begged my mom for a pair of KangaRoos. That little pocket was good for nothing, too tight to even stick money in.
AllisonWunderland 5 months ago
14/18...😜 Not so good on this one today...🤷‍♀️
Moody AllisonWunderland 5 months ago
You did better than most.
Runeshaper 5 months ago
You got 11 out of 18
Uh oh, your shoe knowledge might be a little worn out.

Just for kicks LOL :)
harlow1313 5 months ago
Sadly, the calf high Indian Scout Boots I wore in the seventies are not represented here. Peter Tork wore a similar pair in several episodes of "The Monkees." We were both either cutting edge or fashion challenged, depending on your perspective..
texasluva 5 months ago
11 of 18 but
if the shoe fits wear it....

Check those wing tips but not my kind
Love those Beatle boots that looks so fine
Keds for me I would say
$200 Nike name shoes not today
Slip em on you gotta try
See if you can jump too the sky
Tie em up with a great big bow
Pink shoe laces never gonna show
Unless your name is Dooley
And she loves him truly
Man oh man .
PF Flyers! You can run faster, jump higher 😂🤣
Best get a move on and put em on to get around Wunderland, Allison.
😂 You betcha! Already laced up and ready to Wunder around!
Ha ha! You go. Faster then a speeding bullet. Able to leap tall MeTV buildings in a single bound. Look! It's a bird, no it's a plane. Wait! It's AWL!! Get your PF Fliers and you can go go too .
Barry22 AllisonWunderland 5 months ago
In my case, they lied.
Thank you! That is the CUTEST video 🐶...Should have seen how MY Maggie reacted when I played it!!! It was hilarious 😂
It's gonna cost you. A Shoo-in . Yours has to have a pair now Run Tin Tin
bnichols23 5 months ago
13. I don't even want to say.....
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