The Summer of Me brings Green Acres, the 1985 Twilight Zone and 90-minute Wagon Train to weekdays

Tune in for comedy, suspense and adventure starting Memorial Day.

Summertime means yard work. But why toil outside? Stay in and watch two city folk work the soil. Starting May 27, Green Acres is moving to a new time, five days a week. That is not the only fresh crop arriving in The Summer of Me. Two rarely aired pieces of television history are coming to MeTV — the 1985 iteration of The Twilight Zone and the 90-minutes episodes of Wagon Train.

Let's take a closer look at these upcoming additions to the schedule.

Green Acres
Weeknights 9:30PM | 8:30C

Though it existed in the same "Paul Henning television universe" as The Beverly Hillbillies and Petticoat Junction, Green Acres delivered a different flavor of comedy. The Eddie Albert–Eva Gabor sitcom grew a far more surreal, postmodern strain of humor, that was pioneering for its time and equally relevant today. The show often broke the fourth wall, as characters acknowledged they were merely characters on a television show. For example, Lisa Douglas (Eva Gabor) repeatedly complained about "the names," i.e. the show's credits that would pop up every week and annoy her. And what other sitcom had a, erm, meatier role for an animal star? The pig, Arnold Ziffel, became a pop sensation.

The Twilight Zone (1985)
Weeknights 12:30AM | 11:30C
Sundays 12AM | 11C

The first television reboot of The Twilight Zone arrived in 1985 and ran for three seasons. The series arrived in a peak era of science-fiction and horror, when creators like Stephen King and Steven Spielberg dazzled audiences with original ideas. (In fact, Spielberg had produced Twilight Zone: The Movie two years earlier.) Though it lacked Rod Serling (or any host at all) The Twilight Zone 1985 delivered the same brand of eerie suspense and shocking twists. The Grateful Dead performed the theme song and the cast featured rising stars such as Bruce Willis, Helen Mirren and Morgan Freeman. Writers included George R. R. Martin (Game of Thrones) and, yes, Stephen King.

Wagon Train
Weekdays 3:30PM | 2:30C

In its seventh and penultimate season, Wagon Train went cinematic. The long-running Western expanded its episodes to 90 minutes, feature-length. That was not the only change on the show. Robert Fuller (Laramie) joined the cast as the new scout, Cooper Smith. Michael Burns' character, Barnaby West, introduced in the sixth season, also became a regular cast member. The guest stars shined, too, as names like Peter Falk and Burgess Meredith appeared, not to mention teen idols like Fabian and Annette Funicello. Due to their running time, these episodes are rarely seen on television.

It all begins on Memorial Day, May 27. See our schedule for more details. Stay tuned for more exciting schedule announcements from MeTV!

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MrsPhilHarris 14 hours ago
I have some more. McHale's Navy, Our Miss Brooks, The Lone Ranger, Zorro, Peter Gunn.
MrsPhilHarris 14 hours ago
Please do not put on Three's Company. It was running for about 10 years on DejaView in Canada. I think it may still be on.
HockeyMike 17 hours ago
Vegas w/Robert Urich … Matt Houston … Barnaby Jones … Mickey Spillane`s Mike Hammer … MacGyver .. But, for every show on the station, 1 or 2 airings a day is fine! We don`t need 10 Hogan`s Heroes a week. Also, some shows that were on for many years, we keep seeing same 15 episodes. Like Columbo had 69 shows, but it seems like the same 10 episodes are aired over & over. Thanks
1smoothoperator 19 hours ago
I love the cowboy shows, but also love comedy, like "Too close for Comfort" with Ted Knight.
jholton30062 19 hours ago
As long as we're throwing out program ideas, how about "The Saint" and "The Avengers"? "Secret Agent" and "The Prisoner"?
Oh yes The Saint and The Prisoner. Excellent suggestions.
Abbadon517 21 hours ago
To many Westerns...Good job getting rid of Wild Wild West yay n bravo. Love Gomer Pyle ,Mamas Family ,WKRP, Especially My Three Sons adore it. It would be nice if it were on at 730 PM instead of am and that would get rid of one of them stale Mash episodes. Comedy is best as laughter is the best medicine. Laverne and Shirley ,Mork n Mindy ,Welcome Back Kotter ,Father Knows Best,Hazel ,The Partridge Family ....Night Gallery ,Circle of Fear . Loving Thriller and Boris. I know u do your best and we love you for all u do
TVJunkie 21 hours ago
Can't wait to see the Wagon Train's with Robert Fuller and John MacIntyre. Sure would like to see F-Troop too. Hint, hint.
Connie 22 hours ago
I miss The Fugitive. I wish you would bring it back to your line up. I had never seen the series and was enjoying it and then you took it off. argh. I don't know how it ends. Did he ever find the one armed man? PLEASE DON'T EVER TAKE GUNSMOKE OFF. I am enjoying how you started from episode one and going in sequence of the seasons. I am seeing episodes I have never seen before. I have really enjoyed seeing how it all began.
CherylMCornwell 1 day ago
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Rodent12 1 day ago
We are lucky to have MEtv as shows on the mainline channels are crap. Having said that, the person in charge of MEtv programming needs to be fired. Too many, dare I say most, shows have been repeated far too often. Yes, MASH was a fantastic show, but to repeat every show at least ten times is ridiculous. There are many old shows from the fifties to the seventies to choose from. It would like to seeBarnabyJones and Medical Centre. Shows should be like the audio tape of Mission Impossible, in that they should self destruct after a time. I know many good old shows only ran three or four years so there is not much scope for the network to take them on, but how about this? Have a slot every night, say at 10:30 where a different old show is played instead of playing it every night then repeating it over and over.
RobBush 1 day ago
I WISH I could watch Green Acres. My local affiliate pre-empts Me-TV programming for recent shows that I hate. I had to miss out on WKRP and now I'll get to miss out on Green Acres too.
RobBush 1 day ago
Not a fan of the '85 TZ . How about One Step Beyond or The Outer Limits instead of the greatly inferior 1985 TZ?
john 1 day ago
To all posters: they'll show what they want. Metv doesn't really care about your opinion. By the way dump that moron svengoolie and bring back Elvira or just show the movies without that simple minded buffoon.
tsgabel 1 day ago
MeTV, WHAT ARE YOU THINKING!!?? Green Acres, Gomer Pyle and Mama's Family are three of the most insultingly stupid sitcoms ever made, just like Petticoat Junction, Beverley Hillbillies and Gilligan's Island. DUMP THEM!! Put Cannon and Mannix in those time slots. Wagon Train was sometimes an OK show but 90 minutes of it is mind-numbing. M*A*S*H* is a great show but we're very tired of seeing the same episodes over and over and over and over and over and over and over....catch my drift? Buy some new episodes or drop it for a year or so. And you dropped the Wild Wild West for the Three Stooges?!?!?! Geez, that's a great "steam punk" cop show; buy some NEW EPISODES of that and Star Trek too!! You must be making money enough - what with all the commercials you make us endure. Why not keep WWW and put the Stooges (which is a great addition to the lineup I must admit) in where you have the Rifleman or Wanted Dead or Alive? We've seen enough of those. Or dump WONDERingly stupid WOMAN and put the Stooges there. Bring in Mission Impossible, The Man from U.N.C.L.E. and Sea Hunt. And put them closer to primetime. Many of us baby boomers can't stay awake late enough to watch the good shows. Get rid of the 80's stuff: Matlock, Diagnosis Murder, In the Heat of the Night- they are NOT Classics.
Good Grief MeTV - get it right, will you?
Wiseguy tsgabel 1 day ago
Buy more episodes? There are no more episodes!
cowgirl20 tsgabel 18 hours ago
Geez, with the line up you want, it would ruin the channel.
VaughnBaskin 1 day ago
I Think that MeTV should bring The Krofft Supershow and The Funtastic World Of Hanna-Barbera should joined the lineup as well!
moax429 VaughnBaskin 1 day ago
They'll have to do a great job of convincing that greedy Ted Turner of letting go of the H-B shows. Very fat chance.
PaulTakeo 1 day ago
Most programs people want to see will depend on whether METV can get the TV rights. Someone mentioned showing dramas during prime time. Comedies, it seems, get better ratings so that will never happen. I would rather watch Star Trek on H&I then on METV cause H&I doesn't butcher the program for the sake of commercials. I'm glad I can get H&I, COZI TV and getTV so I can watch other old programs that METV doesn't show.
sandyljetton 1 day ago
What in the world is up with The Good Wife on MeTV?!? So disappointed with shows that aren’t “oldies”.
RobBush sandyljetton 1 day ago
That is your local affiliate pre-empting the Me-TV network line-up. Mine does that too. I hate it.
OriginalGreaser 1 day ago
There are still so many old great television shows that need to come back. I'm in total agreement with the previous recent posts. I would love to see Dean Martin Show, Ozzie and Harriet, The Rat Patrol, Whirlybirds, Sky King, Andy Williams, Highway Patrol, Combat and the Gallant Men. These are just to name a few. 95% of new television programs just plan suck!
You'll never see Dean Martin Show (or Andy Williams) because of music rights. If you did, it would be edited like The Carol Burnett Show.
JeanInTN 1 day ago
I'm glad something else is coming on besides WKRP; I prefer the older shows and will watch Green Acres on occasion even though it's not my favorite. I usually end up watching Fox News Channel when WKRP is on and then come back to Me-TV for Hogan's Heroes. They are getting a bit old, though.

I would like to see something other than sitcoms in prime time. Please bring back some of the old drama shows: Combat!, Twelve O'clock High, Hawaii 5-0 were all great shows which were originally in prime time. If you think they're not suitable for kids, think again! I watched Combat! when I was a very young girl in the early 60s, and it was my favorite show (partly because my dad was a WWII vet and we watched together). I love the westerns but would like to see some different ones. Gunsmoke is boring most of the time and so is Bonanza. There are plenty of others you could bring back. One of our local stations used to air reruns of The Guns of Will Sonnet years ago, and it was a really good 30-minute show which also taught good values. A show I remember from my early childhood is Tombstone Territory, but I can't remember anything about it other than the whistling theme song; I would love to be able to watch that show again.

Someone below mentioned Julia; I also loved watching that show when I was growing up. I knew nothing about the historical significance of it back then; this is another reason the show needs to be brought back. Another thing you could easily do is just flip-flop the time slots so the morning people could watch something different and so the night owls (like me) will get to see the good shows you have only been having on in the mornings.

The "movie night" that has been mentioned in other comments is also a great idea; I would love to see some good, old movies which are different than the same ones cycling over and over on other channels. Elvis made 31 movies but only a handful of them are ever on TV. IMDB says that John Wayne "holds the record for the actor with the most leading parts - 142," and only a few of them are shown on TV. There are many other old movies which would be fun to see again.
PaulTakeo JeanInTN 1 day ago
You will never see dramas in prime time anymore. Most of the retro TV networks now only show comedies in prime time. It seems comedies get better ratings.
HockeyMike 1 day ago
How about 1 or 2 days a wk when you bring in new shows? Ease it back in. 5 Days a wk for Green Acres?
Plus, You are over-killing some shows...10 Hogan`s Heroes a week?
I know some shows are on other stations, but, how about.. MacGyver, Get Smart, Munsters, 3`s Company, Hill St Blues, Fall Guy, Honeymooners, Early Edition (very cool show), Boston Public, Mickey Spillane`s-Mike Hammer, We Got It Made ( Just to see Teri Copley :), more & different Columbo episodes.
And Maybe, one day a week, a TV Special. Rodney Dangerfield, etc.
But, please, mix it up...if you bring back MacGyver, not 4 times a night for 5 days..20 episodes a week.
JeanInTN HockeyMike 1 day ago
Some of these shows I like and some I don't; it would be great to mix them up - just like in the old days - and not have the same show on every night. I would be more likely to watch the ones I'm not crazy about if it was only one night a week. The only thing is that some of the shows are a little newer, and if they keep adding newer and newer shows they will turn into TVLand. The TV specials would be good, but please stick to the OLD ones, or just air one of the old variety shows one night a week. Columbo has been on Sunday nights forever and needs to be moved to a different time slot. I'm not a Columbo fan and always have to find something else to watch on Sunday nights. Thankfully, right now I can watch "When Calls the Heart" on Hallmark Channel for a few weeks.
Wiseguy HockeyMike 1 day ago
Munsters was on COZI-TV last I saw (the local station dropped COZI a couple of years ago). Three's Company is on Antenna TV. Decades shows The Lost Honeymooners (with 31 new episodes including the musical episodes of 1957).
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