The Summer of Me brings Green Acres, the 1985 Twilight Zone and 90-minute Wagon Train to weekdays

Tune in for comedy, suspense and adventure starting Memorial Day.

Summertime means yard work. But why toil outside? Stay in and watch two city folk work the soil. Starting May 27, Green Acres is moving to a new time, five days a week. That is not the only fresh crop arriving in The Summer of Me. Two rarely aired pieces of television history are coming to MeTV — the 1985 iteration of The Twilight Zone and the 90-minutes episodes of Wagon Train. Then, on Saturdays, MeTV presents The Three Stooges at 6PM | 5C, with two thematically tied shorts presented in full, unedited and without commercial interruption.

Let's take a closer look at these upcoming additions to the schedule.

MeTV Presents The Three Stooges
Saturdays 6PM | 5C

On Saturday, June 1, legendary comedy troupe and masters of mirth The Three Stooges will join MeTV’s lineup of memorable entertainment television. Over 13 weeks, these specially selected and themed broadcasts will present full-length, unedited shorts without commercial interruption, packaged into an hour-long presentation that highlights the many "best of" moments from the beloved comedians. Weekly themes include "Crème de la Curly," "Just Say Moe," "Pie…I Oughta!" and "Shemp Cocktail."

Green Acres
Weeknights 9:30PM | 8:30C

Though it existed in the same "Paul Henning television universe" as The Beverly Hillbillies and Petticoat Junction, Green Acres delivered a different flavor of comedy. The Eddie Albert–Eva Gabor sitcom grew a far more surreal, postmodern strain of humor, that was pioneering for its time and equally relevant today. The show often broke the fourth wall, as characters acknowledged they were merely characters on a television show. For example, Lisa Douglas (Eva Gabor) repeatedly complained about "the names," i.e. the show's credits that would pop up every week and annoy her. And what other sitcom had a, erm, meatier role for an animal star? The pig, Arnold Ziffel, became a pop sensation.

The Twilight Zone (1985)
Weeknights 12:30AM | 11:30C
Sundays 12AM | 11C

The first television reboot of The Twilight Zone arrived in 1985 and ran for three seasons. The series arrived in a peak era of science-fiction and horror, when creators like Stephen King and Steven Spielberg dazzled audiences with original ideas. (In fact, Spielberg had produced Twilight Zone: The Movie two years earlier.) Though it lacked Rod Serling (or any host at all) The Twilight Zone 1985 delivered the same brand of eerie suspense and shocking twists. The Grateful Dead performed the theme song and the cast featured rising stars such as Bruce Willis, Helen Mirren and Morgan Freeman. Writers included George R. R. Martin (Game of Thrones) and, yes, Stephen King.

Wagon Train
Weekdays 3:30PM | 2:30C

In its seventh and penultimate season, Wagon Train went cinematic. The long-running Western expanded its episodes to 90 minutes, feature-length. That was not the only change on the show. Robert Fuller (Laramie) joined the cast as the new scout, Cooper Smith. Michael Burns' character, Barnaby West, introduced in the sixth season, also became a regular cast member. The guest stars shined, too, as names like Peter Falk and Burgess Meredith appeared, not to mention teen idols like Fabian and Annette Funicello. Due to their running time, these episodes are rarely seen on television.

It all begins on Memorial Day, May 27. See our schedule for more details.

Download printable versions of our new schedule:

Eastern / Pacific

Central / Mountain

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RethaJuanitaGreen 58 months ago
U need to revamp yr programing..there wasnt nothing wrong with Rockford files, or Ironside, are Perry mason. there needs some program that dont be showing for 4 hrs stait .theres enough programs that u can show different shows without showing block showing.
Kathy 59 months ago
Bring back more shows from the 60's like Marcus Welby-Barnaby Jones-Dragnet-Tallman-Doris Day Show n A man called Shenadoah so many good shows-stop running 4-6 of the same shows. That way you can put more of a selection!!! Yes i do love my westerns. Even in the early 70's had some good shows. So don't run Roseanne half the day n put more on!!! Thanks
AllisonWunderland 60 months ago
Pacificsun 60 months ago
"Joseph" is back, and he knows where a lot of the "missing" programs are (or have gone). One of them is over to Cozi TV and this is the link to their schedule

They are doing what a lot of digital stations are, meaning block programming, where the same series fills up successive time slots. Probably because there are just fewer available syndicated shows to go around now.
EOIRT 60 months ago
I truly hope that I don't die from old age before ME TV finally airs one of the very best detective shows of the 70's. Barnaby Jones. I've already given up hope that you will air the original FBI; another awesome Quinn Martin production. There's still so many great shows that you folks have failed to air but we get marathoned to death for years with Gunsmoke, Big Valley, Rifleman and Bonanza. Come on and give us a break please.
MrsPhilHarris EOIRT 60 months ago
And MASH. How long has it been on at 8 pm? Enough.
Pacificsun EOIRT 60 months ago
MeTV was showing Barnaby Jones in 2016. It is under CBS Distribution (which is one of MeTV's libraries). But like all good shows, particularly QM's hows) as an hourly show is rotated in and out.
Yep...MASH needs to exit real soon
I can live with M*A*S*H, how about getting rid of HOGAN'S HEROES!! It's been loitering at the primo 10-11pm timeslot for over 2 years!!!! I'd love to see the return of Sunday Night Noir too!!
EricFuller 60 months ago
To those bemoaning that original Twilight Zone isn't on, it'll be back on in the fall. A show like that shouldn't be ran into the ground. it's a fine wine TV wise compared to others that are like Muscatel.
Pacificsun EricFuller 60 months ago
Ummm, am not sure MeTV knows the difference between running into the ground (or not) certain TV shows. But it's certainly a word of consolation to those who're waiting for it to come back. I agree, it's a great late night show, when it's a little hard to fall asleep!
Reno85 60 months ago
Too bad the original Twilight Zone has gone hopefully it will come back in the fall suggestions for TV shows the outer limits would be nice the original outer limits
EricFuller Reno85 60 months ago
the digital channel Comet airs the original and the reboot of Outer Limits.
Pacificsun Reno85 60 months ago
MeTV always likes to bring attention to it's "Summer of Me" theme. And they needed something attention-getting, like The Three Stooges. Patience people, it will only be on for 13 weeks!
Moonpie 60 months ago
Its only been one night and I already miss "classic Twilight Zone"!
EricFuller Moonpie 60 months ago
Classic Twilight Zone is like fine wine. Maybe by resting it doesn't get stale. You don't want to run it into the ground like The Brady Bunch which is TV's version of MD 20/20.
SheriHeffner 60 months ago
I have already began to DVR The Twilight Zone and The Three Stooges. I am also going to watch Wagon Train live because Judge Judy started showing repeats at 3:30. Could you possibly start showing Ghost Story/ Circle Of Fear? I have seen these programs and loved them. They were like scary programs starring fine actors who are no longer with us. They used to show them sometimes on Decades, which my local affiliate took off the air. Please consider this, along with bringing back I Love Lucy, Family Affair and put The Dick Van Dyke Show on at 8:30 PM weeknights.
MrsPhilHarris SheriHeffner 60 months ago
I would love to see DVD at 8:30 but I don't think they would ever take off MASH. It feels like it's been on for years.
JayFlo 60 months ago
This year marks the 50th anniversary of 'Medical Center' as well as 'Marcus Welby, M.D.' Without these two gems, there might not have been an 'E.R.', which marks its 25th anniversary.
Pacificsun JuliaWilliams 60 months ago
Not sure about the chances of it showing up on MeTV. Generally they pull from the CBS Distribution Library.
Distributor MGM Television
Warner Bros. Television Distribution

Maybe "Joseph" knows where it has shown up, or has gone to!
CarolCarlineo 60 months ago
Will you please bring back That Girl? And also will you air Medical Center,The Donna Reed Show and Make Room For Daddy?
Pacificsun CarolCarlineo 60 months ago
Donna Reed has been on in the mornings on MeTV. That Girl was on Antenna TV. MeTV had the show 2012 to 2014, but the distributor is not CBS Television, so it's probably gone to DVD, and the cost of making it available has to be made up now.
Pacificsun Pacificsun 60 months ago
Sorry, meaning Make Room for Daddy was on MeTV 2012 to 2014
BrittReid 60 months ago
The Outer Limits, Green Hornet and The VAMPIRA Show.
tinah 60 months ago
I enjoy watching the Three Stooges, but my husband and I look forward to The Wild, Wild West on Saturdays at 6 pm. It has become a Saturday evening tradition at our home...very sad to see it taken off. We missed it when it was taken out of the weekly 5 pm spot, now gone on Saturdays too!!! There is always The Animal Planet.

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