The Jetsons are making a comeback in both live-action TV and comic book form

Robert Zemeckis is bringing a live-action reboot to network television.

If you're a fan of the Jetsons, this has been a big week. The only thing that could make it bigger is if Tesla announces flying cars with bubble cockpits. The most beloved family of 2062 is coming back in 2017 — in two different mediums.

Earlier this week, DC Comics announced a six-issue miniseries. The first issue of the comic goes on sale November 1. Writer Jimmy Palmiotti has reimagined the Jetsons clan for a new generation, including Jane the “NASA scientist” and Rosie, a robot "programmed with the consciousness of George’s mother." The industry giant has done some fascinating, fantastic world modernizing Hanna-Barbera properties recently, including a Flinstones series that managed to be surprisingly poignant, sharp and philosophical. That's a taste of the art by Pier Brito up top.

Today, The Jetsons got an even bigger upgrade. The clan is making the leap from pen and ink to flesh and blood. ABC will take viewers to Orbit City in a live-action Jetsons TV series. According to Deadline, the network has ordered The Jetsons as a "put pilot," which means ABC will face penalties if it does not air. The original animated series ran from 1962–63. 

The upcoming reboot is the project of executive producer Robert Zemeckis, the acclaimed director of Back to the Future and Forrest Gump.

This is technically not our first look as a live-action Jetsons. The company Arconic commissioned director Justin Lin to make a Jetsons-inspired commercial late last year. Perhaps the new series will look something like this? Who should play George and Jane?

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Yuuji 43 months ago
C'mon, The Flinstones already on TV but where's the Jetsons, are they no longer on TV?
Yuuji 43 months ago
I made my own promo that "The Jetsons" ever comeback on TV
Yuuji 43 months ago
My reaction of The Jetsons gonna air on MeTV Next Month
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