"The Haircut" is the closest holiday-inspired Leave It to Beaver episode

We'll never know what Thanksgiving at the Cleavers would've looked like, but we know Beaver was an angel in a school Christmas play.

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Watching holiday-inspired episodes of your favorite shows can become a tradition.

Leave It to Beaver is a family-focused, situational comedy that will always be loved. With the series centered around a young child, you'd think there would be holiday-themed episodes throughout the production, but there are not. Christmas was briefly mentioned in one of the 234 episodes.

In the episode "The Haircut," Beaver had an issue with losing money. The young boy lost his lunch money three times in the same week. He was picked to play an angel in his school's play during their holiday festival, and Ward thought Beaver could use a nice haircut to look good on stage. To give Beaver a chance to be responsible, Ward sends him to the barbershop with money alone, although June doesn't think it is a good idea.

Beaver lost the money and couldn't get the haircut. Wally attempted to fix his brother's problem by cutting his hair, and it came out horrible. Wally and Beaver put stocking caps on their heads to hide his new look and claimed that the cover-up was a part of a club initiation. The parents eventually found out, but they didn't punish the boys.

At the end of the episode, students at Grant Avenue are singing a Christmas carol, and as the camera pans to Beaver, he's wearing the same stocking cap to hide his horrible cut. "The Haircut" is the fourth episode of the first season and is a fan favorite for many reasons.

There's no explanation for why the classic sitcom stayed away from holiday-themed episodes. Maybe, since the focus was always Beaver and sometimes Wally, learning valuable life lessons, producers didn't feel the need to add them into the seasons. Or since airing schedules were less standardized than they are now, perhaps it just made sense to make episodes that could air any time.

Even without those types of episodes, viewers worldwide loved the show so much that many new productions came from it. There was the telemovie Still The Beaver and the sequel series The New Leave It to Beaver.

We'll never know what Thanksgiving at the Cleavers would've look like, but we have hundreds of episodes of pure comedy and lessons to indulge in.

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Snickers 16 months ago
Seems like a lot of early T.V shows didn't have Christmas shows. Leave it to Beaver, Gomer Pyle U.S.M,C and Hogan's Hero's to name a few.
World_Famous_Beaverpeida 17 months ago
I always wondered if the producers ever had anything against Christmas since there was never an actual "Christmas" episode. But then when I did research for my nearly 500 page Leave it to Beaver book that just came out on Amazon, I found out in one of their previous TV shows, they did have a real Christmas themed episode and it guest starred a future LITB actress. I was glad to find out they at least did a previous Christmas episode for some show, even if not for LITB
frenchman71 17 months ago
This is my girlfriend's all-time favorite LITB episode. Especially the part where Ward & June sneak into the bedroom while the boys are sleeping. June insists on seeing Beaver's head. Ward lifts up the cap and June is overcome with hysteria. He clamps her mouth shut and they sneak outta the room. They go downstairs where June is catatonic. Classic!
It's one of my favorites too. What about you.. do you like these early episodes or later ones?
I like the earlier seasons, from 1-3. The things Beaver would get into. My all-time favorite episode is "Beaver's short pants" where aunt Martha buys him that ridiculous outfit. It was saved years later for Damien in "The Omen".
For the research I did for my new book, "The World Famous Beaverpedia," I was able to get some interesting information about Joe Connelly. He wrote a small autobiographical sketch for his employer, the ad agency where he met Bob Mosher. In his bio, he wrote that he was forced to wear short pants until he finished grammar school. That would have been until 1933 in 8th grade. He mentioned how that helped him learn how to "scrap." : )

Here's a picture of my book.

My favorite seasons are 1-3 also, especially 1 and 2. I just think they are so much better than the later seasons.

Is your book going to be like a compendium of all the LITB episodes? I hope you have some facts and tidbits on the actors, particularly Hugh Beaumont. IMHO, the absolute best TVDad!!
Maverick66 18 months ago
This was a hilarious episode. I knew lots of kids who thought they were barbers & messed up other kids' hair. Buzz cuts solved the issue. 😄
Barry22 Maverick66 18 months ago
When i was very young (early 1960's) our father cut our hair. Until our mother begged him to stop.
bagandwallyfan52 18 months ago
What does Herald Angel mean?
The Story behind the song:

The definition of the word Herald is below:
Thanks for the information.
LoveMETV22 18 months ago
Although it was not a true Holiday episode, at least they had the short inspiration at the end with Beaver and his classmates singing a holiday carol. .🎅🎄
Pacificsun LoveMETV22 18 months ago
I vote with you in case you put a nomination out there. Considering how few, if any, others were holiday themed episodes. That they at least sang an acknowledged Christmas Carol, counts in my book and the Writer/Producer's nod to Christmas.

What else could it be? 🎄🎄🎄
FrankensteinLover 18 months ago
So Glad this and Several of the Other Classics still come on TV, forever living on Reruns and not the Garbage Hollywood Pollutes the TV with now days.
I admit I rarely watch anything new on tv. I pretty much stick to retro tv and classic movies except for the odd show here and there.
Same here Give me the Munsters, The Honeymoomers, Leave it to beaver, the andy griffith show, Gomer Pyle, etc and anything to do with the Universal Monsters and I'm Good.
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