The Brady Bunch cast wants fans to help them find all these special props from the show

We're guessing nobody's mentioning the vase Peter broke.

As the cast of The Brady Bunch starts pitching in on HGTV's attempt to renovate the house that served as the exterior on the show, their ultimate ambition is to make the inside match what fans of the show would recognize as the iconic Brady family home. And while that starts with green paint and handsome brown and tan furnishings, the cast knows that it's the little touches that will really bring it all together. That's why they've put out a call to fans: If you see an item that looks like key props from the show, they want you to send out the alert, so they can find as many items as possible.

Among the items that Christopher Knight told that the kids were most nostalgic for: that horse statue that always sat on the credenza by the stairs, a stuffed giraffe among the many memorable toys in the girls room, and the floral couch that sat across from the green chairs in the sitting room in front of the main entrance.

It's their biggest hope to find actual vintage items that come straight from the 1970s. They're also seeking vintage hardware that matches the front door handles, an actual double oven just like the one in the kitchen Alice commandeered and accent pieces like those metallic fish between the kitchen and the den. Here's their entire wishlist, if you want to see what else they're looking for.

Because all these props are so rare, the cast thinks the best bet to find them will be to get in touch with the show's biggest fans, so if you happen to have one of these items, head here to let the Brady kids know.

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ELEANOR 63 months ago
I heard that some of decorations in the boy's and girl's bedrooms were brought in by the kids. Kids are kids and who knows better how to decorate the bedrooms than the kids. I always liked that clown picture in the boy's room.
Yeah, that's right. I seem to recall reading that some of the stuffed animals that were in the girls' room, belong to I think, Maureen McCormack.
I always loved the boys' cute drum lampshade & their matching bunk beds. We used to have similar coffee mugs (olive green with leaves) when I was growing up, and I love those orange & green countertops, & the style of kitchen chairs with those monopod bases. I'm the youngest of four - closest in age to Bobby & Cindy, and my brother, the oldest, was Greg's age, so I felt at home with The Bradys. Similar to Greg, my brother had his own spot in the house around age 17, but instead of the attic, my parents sectioned off part of the garage as his own "room" since we only had 2 official bedrooms in my house & my parents used the family room as their bedroom. I'd say most brothers & sisters in real life probably fought more than got along with their siblings, but that's the beauty of the show. Like having a Barbie doll, the doll represented a perfected version of you while playing with your friends, so likewise, The Bradys represented the perfect family we liked to pretend we had .. nothing wrong with that - and no need, as far as I'm concerned - to mock the show for its innocence in that matter. I'm sure many children didn't have that family comradery & mutual love The Brady kids did, so it helped us experience it vicariously through imagination & pretend. I'm 54 now and still love & watch the show because it brings me back to that time in my childhood & the 70s - having fun reliving how things were in that decade - the music, clothing, vinyl records, attitudes, slang words, school years, cars, home decor, .. all of it... I feel the same way about The Partridge Family, as well ... & that dynamic between Keith & Danny is a total crack up ... I just love those shows! :D
Greg 63 months ago
The originals are probably sitting in a prop storage someplace prop companies never throw anything away.
stephaniestavropoulos Greg 62 months ago
You know those storage wars shows? Someone could have bid on one of those containers, and unbeknownst to them {until after they've won it and opened it,} there could have been some of the BB props inside one of them!
cperrynaples 63 months ago
If I remember correctly, Paramount had the horse in the second movie. Did they sell it off? I know "Jan" was in the auction scene with Rosie O'Donnell!
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