The 'Batman' TV series sure liked to label everything

One Twitter account is documenting all the hilariously redundant labels used on the original 'Batman' series

One of the big appeals of the 1960s Batman television series is its pop-art look. Who doesn't love those colorful bursts that come with each punch of the Caped Crusader? POW! BAM! SPLAT! It's pure eye candy.


  • 8/20 10:00PMHizzoner the Penguin (1)
    "After several heroic feats, the Penguin campaigns to be the Mayor Of Gotham City! Batman realizes the only way to stop him is to run for mayor himself."
  • 8/20 10:30PMDizzoner the Penguin (2)
    "A televised debate between Batman and the Penguin is interrupted by a jewel robbery. The Dynamic Duo and the Penguin race to claim victory over the crooks."
  • 8/27 10:00PMImpractical Joker, The (1)
    "The Joker steals the Jeweled Key Of Kaincardine with the aid of his new invention, a mysterious little spark-spewing box which leaves The Dynamic Duo completely helpless while he escapes."
*available in most MeTV markets

The show also had a penchant for labeling, well, everything. Certainly every gadget, gizmo, tool and technology in the Batcave and beyond came branded with a cut and dry description of what it was. One new Twitter account and Tumblr page has taken up the task of documenting all these playful signs. Batman66Labels is a reminder of Batman's playful tone of yesteryear. It's also just a good resource for looking at close-ups of props from the TV show, all the Bat-this and Bat-thats.

Close up, you can see that many of these labels are obviously, charmingly handmade.

The modern day Batman is moody and gravel-voiced. Perhaps if we all chipped in and got him a label maker machine he would cheer up.

Here are some of our favorite posts from Batman66Labels. We are particularly fond of a rare art map labeled "DEATH BEE BEHIVE TRIP WIRE."

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