Take a look at the former Hawaii home of Jim Nabors, now selling for $4.5 million

Golly! The 170-plus acres sit on the island of Maui.

Maui is a long way from Mayberry. Heck, it's even across an ocean from Camp Henderson. But in 1976, Jim Nabors made Hawaii his home.

Best known as Gomer Pyle on The Andy Griffith Show and Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C., Nabors was looking to branch out from Appalachia to Polynesia. He shot a pilot for a sitcom called Sylvan in Paradise, about a clumsy bellhop named Sylvan Sprayberry working in a Hawaiian hotel. Alas, NBC passed on the project and it was never picked up.

Instead, Nabors created The Jim Nabors Polynesian Extravaganza at the Hilton Hawaiian Village. 

Settling down and stepping back from Hollywood, Nabors purchased a macadamia nut and flower farm in Hana, on the eastern shore of Maui island. It was a sprawling retreat, covering 170 acres. 

It was also not his only Hawaiian home. The TV icon also owned a Plantation-style spread near Honolulu, on the south shore of Oahu. (Nabors died in Honolulu in 2017.) That recently sold for a cool $12 million. Now, the Hana house is for sale, and it's relatively a bargain at $4.5 million.

As reported by The Los Angeles Times, the land features "rolling lawns, fruit trees and tropical flowers." You can see some of that in the gorgeous landscaping.

The Keller Williams real estate listing features 30 photos that give you a peek inside Nabor's former 2,820-square-foot, two-bedroom house. Here is a quick look at the facade and an office/library.

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Bradleyxxx 31 months ago
I worked for Jim nabors when I was 19 20 years old I was his groundskeeper and caretaker for the property underneath diamondhead which just sold for 12 million I also took care of the property on Maui shuttling people back and forth from the airport it was a good gig Jim nabors changed my life will always love him and and miss him. GALLLLLEEE
jrayne Bradleyxxx 13 months ago
That is so neat! I would have loved to have met him.
Mike 55 months ago
great ME TV does us older Americans a great service as we missed some of these shows growing up due to work thanks for letting us catch up
harlow1313 56 months ago
Sometimes, when I consider the wealth we bestow on celebrities, I consider our society to be nuts.
Pacificsun harlow1313 56 months ago
The celebrities we come to know as being iconic today, spent many years being unrecognized and possibly compensated only at scale. With no benefits. There are also many celebrities who fund charities which are never publicized. The daily grind of working as a "TV Series" actor takes it toll. Losing out on family life and childrens' normal activities. It's the psychological toll of the profession they've chosen. It also takes money to manage money. Wisely. There are many expenses related to that kind of lifestyle. Nabors, as a talented and warm personality, well deserved the perks he finally earned!

Just a thought ...
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