Sventoonie, the red tuna of terror, will be swimming back for a second season

The fishy host will return with brand-new episodes this October!

Don't want the party in the crypt to end after Svengoolie? Ever since March of 2022, it hasn't had to! That's when Sventoonie, the red tuna of terror, swam onto our screens for a not-so-official afterparty. With his co-host Blob E. Blob, Sventoonie shows highlights from horror classics, delivers bloopers, and keeps the monster mash going.

While the first season will be wrapping up on Saturday, July 16, much like the antagonist of a horror movie franchise, it will soon come crawling back!

Sventoonie has been renewed for a second season on MeTV! Following the first season, Sventoonie is going to take a summer vacation (he'll be visiting his good friend, The Gill-Man), but the fishy host with the most will rise from the crypt just in time for the spookiest season of the year! Sventoonie will once more be haunting the airwaves starting October 1st with a brand-new season of scares, screams, and sushi.

Just like this season, you can expect to see Sventoonie immediately following Saturday night episodes of Svengoolie

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lktornado360 2 months ago
As a teenage guy who is way out of MeTV's target demographic, I LOVE Sventoonie! I've watched both Svengoolie and Toon In With Me for some time now, and Sventoonie is such a chill little aftershow! I understand it might not be everyone's cup of tea, but listen: Batman and Star Trek still come on right afterwards. Just let the Red Tuna of Terror have his time to shine! Please don't cancel Sventoonie.
maddogg117 2 months ago
Think about it....what do fish do?
maddogg117 2 months ago
I wonder if anyone else has had this thought, Sevngoolie is in search for the "spawn of Svengoolie", now although MeTV has put out a call for people to send in audition tapes, maybe just maybe the spawn of Svengoolie is SVENTOONIE!
And the audition tapes are just propaganda and for everyone to have the chance to see themselves on MeTV connected with Svengoolie?
And maybe that is the reason we have not heard anything about a 3rd season as of yet.
Maybe sventoonie"s 3rd season will consist of him being featured with and on Svengoolie as the "spawn of Svengoolie.
Makes perfect sense to me
maddogg117 2 months ago
Hello everyone!
If you love Sventoonie (as I do), and would like to see him back for a thrid season, start sending MeTV emails, letters, & even a phone call or 2 and let the management at MeTV know we want him back for a third season!

The more they hear from us, the better the chance Sventoonie will be renewed for a 3rd time
So everyone please start sending emails!!!
katiriaka 2 months ago
We love Sventoonie! I miss him, what's with the vacation? Gimme reruns!
wbodine112 2 months ago
PLEASE don't say that Sventoonie is cancelled! I was so bummed to not see it last week, and now this week! Even if it's a repeat--PLEASE start showing Sventoonie again. I can't help it--I'm hooked! (sorry, couldn't resist bad fish pun!)
perrymason777 3 months ago
I loved watching this show!!!!!!!!" Please bring it back 🙏 😫!!!!!!!!" God bless
wwfgolfer 3 months ago
I LOVE the behind the scenes info that Sventoonie shares! Great Stuff. Why is he not on the schedule for the next couple of weeks?
JoelSavage 6 months ago
This is legit my favorite show on MeTv. I live Sven, but this is more my style of humor
OhMyStratovarius 7 months ago
I absolutely LOVE this show, I honestly wish they did the full movie! For the people who don't like it.... Just watch something else. Don't ruin it for the rest of us!
pryor65 8 months ago
Please the fish has got to go!!! Why do you keep forcing this show on us. I love this channel but this show has got to go

GioLovesMash pryor65 7 months ago
thay are going to reome sentooie!
AaronSzanyi 8 months ago
Love svengooli, but that stupid fish has got to go !!!
I've watched it quite few times.
It never got any better.
Ayres64 8 months ago
I love ❤️ sevngoolie and sevntoonie, thank you 😊
itsGretchen 9 months ago
It took me a while to get into Sventoonie, but when I did (it was Bucket of Blood) I found the whole show to be a riot! I need this kind of humor in today's world.

I can't wait for your return, Sventoonie! 🐟
Djpmasman 10 months ago
I've been able to catch all the episodes but one, and I think the show does just fine. While I don't watch the Toon in with Me show, I'd say that Toony the Tuna AKA Sventoonie is an interesting hommage. I've been a Svengoolie fan since the first episode back in his "Son of" days, and sure, it's not what it used to be (I sure wish they would have more Tombstone & Durwood). But I think the Sventoonie shtick is pretty good on its own, although I do believe they've been trying too hard at times. And I've noticed that the movies reviewed are sometimes ones that Svengoolie never aired (to my knowledge), so that makes it a bit different. The fact that Sventoonie does what he does (meaning not taking these films too seriously), is on spot, since they really aren't that great to begin with. And the additional characters of T-Dog & Blob E. Blob are good with their interplay, along with the other part-timers you see on the show. It will be interesting to see what they do with the show for the new season...
itsGretchen Djpmasman 3 months ago
Do we know if sventoonie is coming back for a 3rd season?
Nala92129 10 months ago
I don't even tape the movies anymore. I used to just FF thru "Svenghoolie's" tired shtick, but it's all him and very little movie. I wonder about those who find him remotely amusing. The other cartoon host is equally as dreary. Looks like the typical guy hanging out at the 7/11 at night, maybe looking to score some weed.
Berlynfun 10 months ago
I love Sventoonie. I was sad he was not on tonight. I can't wait to see season 2 in October!
Anon4242 10 months ago
Sventoonie reviewing horror movies, there's something that just doesn't work with this concept.
I'm not anti-puppet - I loved the Muppet Show - we had all ages watching and enjoying it.
Sventoonie needs a better script writer.

It's a bad mismatch for age group and genera.
He might come across better if he was reviewing Scooby Doo episodes in a different time slot.
I'm glad the summer run has finished and hopefully they'll rework the show for October.
GirlNumber3 10 months ago
I love Sventoonie, Svengoolie, AND Toonie&Bill. So sad the trolls have nothing better to do than dis a puppet show. Kinda funny though.
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