Svengoolie Solitaire is now available to play in the MeTV Arcade!

It's a spooky spin on classic Spider Solitaire! Here's how to play.

Which style of solitaire does a horror host prefer? Why, spider solitaire, of course!

Svengoolie has spun a version of spider solitaire for play right here on the web!

Spider is a different variation of the traditional solitaire style you might be used to playing on a computer (typically Klondike or Scorpion solitaire). We recommend starting on the EASY setting until you get a hang of it.

Here's how to play:

• In Spider, the goal is to remove all the cards from the table by creating "runs." Each run needs to be organized by suit in descending order from King to Ace (K, Q, J, 10, 9… 2, Ace).

Difficulty: You can choose to play on EASY difficulty (one suit), MEDIUM (two suits) or HARD (four suits). The higher the difficulty, the higher the score!

• You can "pick up" cards and move them (by clicking and dragging) between columns — as long as they stack in the proper sequence (Q, J, 10; or 4, 3; or 8, 7, 6, 5; for example).

• In a game with more than one suit, runs need to be of the same suit to be complete. (To clear them up to the top.) Complete runs are automatically removed from the table for you.

• However, in a game with more than one suit, you can mix and stack different suits within the same card sequence. This helps you turn over and move more cards. Just remember that a run has to be entirely of the same suit to be removed from the table.

Empty columns: If you ever have an empty column, you can place any card or sequence stack there. There is no limit to how many cards you can move at once.

• No more moves? If you run out of moves, tap the stockpile of cards in the upper left corner to deal a new row of cards. But be careful — you can't deal a new row while any columns are empty!

Need a hand? Don't be afraid to tap the "HINT" button! That will show you possible moves by making stackable cards flash in Kerwyn-colored yellow. 

Shuffle on over to the MeTV Arcade and play now!

Watch Svengoolie on MeTV!

Saturdays at 8 PM

*available in most MeTV markets
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