R.I.P. Nicholas Georgiade, the tough Rico Rossi of The Untouchables

He was a boxer in the Army and his brother was a police officer in real life. Who better to play one of Eliot Ness' men?

The Everett Collection

In 1950, on an Army base in Nuremberg, Germany, two servicemen stepped into a ring to trade punches. The heavyweights threw blows until one won in a decision. His name was Nicholas Georgiade. The loser, Bob Biehler, went on to become a professional fighter. Nick would instead become a television tough guy.

Nine years later, in 1959, Westinghouse Desilu Playhouse, the anthology series hosted and produced by Desi Arnaz, aired a two-part episode called "The Untouchables," an adaptation of famous Chicago law enforcer Eliot Ness' memoirs. That pilot centered around the T-man and his battle against Al Capone (Neville Brand). Georgiade played a thug in a raid in that tale.

When The Untouchables was picked up for a full series, Georgiade was upgraded to the opposite side of the law — and a series lead. He would play Agent Enrico "Rico" Rossi, sidekick to Ness (Robert Stack). His character was a barber who turned gangbuster after his wife is killed by a crook. The Greek-American actor stayed on the series for its full four seasons.

Later, his boxing experience would further pay off in Hollywood. He was a henchman named "Kayo" alongside the Riddler in the Batman episode "Ring Around the Riddler." He would also pop up as a tough guy in MannixHawaii Five-OMission: Impossible, The Mod SquadThe Rockford Files, Kojak — all the great action shows of that era.

Georgiade died on December 19, according to The Hollywood Reporter. He was 88.

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LindaHester 29 months ago
I loved watching him on Dobie Gillis
LindaHester 29 months ago
Dwayne Hickman also passed this pass weekend.
Runeshaper 30 months ago
R.I.P. Nicholas Georgiade. I remember watching The Untouchables with my folks. Such a GREAT show and Georgiade was EXCELLENT on the show!
Moody 30 months ago
Great story. I liked his character on The Untouchables.
JHP 30 months ago
Untouchables good show - my 1st love by FAR is Peter Gunn - so cool
Susan00100 30 months ago
Nick Georgiade was the last surviving member of THE UNTOUCHABLES cast.
gmail 30 months ago
All the networks including METV do a MEMORIAM and the year isn't over. Try doing it January 1st. Makes more sense.
Pacificsun gmail 30 months ago
Strangely the tradition is to acknowledge deceased folks within the same year of their passing. I think it's kind of respectful. And they've managed to update their memoriam even when somebody passes right at the end of the year which doesn't happen frequently, but has.
LoveMETV22 Pacificsun 30 months ago
Yes, It is respectful and MeTV does a good job comparatively to some of the other networks. They give a brief article highlighting the actor/actresses noteworthy accomplishments without giving a biography. Nicely said Pacificsun.
LoveMETV22 Pacificsun 30 months ago
I know it won't be a MeTV memoriam, but RIP to Archbishop Desmond Tutu who passed today 12/26.
His contributions to anti-apartheid and human rights were monumental.
Pacificsun LoveMETV22 30 months ago
Yes, the proper kind of celebrity in his own right. My goodness what a long and active life. Appreciate the news being brought to our attention.
BusterGeneration86 30 months ago
RIP, Nicholas Georgiade, the last of the Untouchables. ;(
Pacificsun 30 months ago
Sad when the only new story you read, out of an endless number of possibilities, is unfortunately an RIP acknowledgement.
BrittReid 30 months ago
The Untouchables was a fine series. R.I.P. Nicholas Georgiade.
Peter_Falk_Fan 30 months ago
This is sad to hear. I liked Rico as Ness' right-hand man. Very good actor. R.I.P. Nicholas Georgiade.

I just read that Sally Ann Howes of "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" passed on 12/19 at the age of 91. She was Truly Scrumptious to the eye (a pun nod to justjeff's successful surgery). R.I.P. Sally Ann Howes.
Jon 30 months ago
This leaves Barrie Chase as the last survivor of the huge cast of the 1963 movie "It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World". RIP!
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Susan00100 stephaniestavr5 30 months ago
Barrie Chase is a LADY.
LoveMETV22 MrsPhilHarris 30 months ago
I think your right that he didn't have a lot of acting after that. (Off topic): Do they celebrate Boxing Day in Canada? just curious.
Susan00100 30 months ago
This comment has been removed.
MrsPhilHarris LoveMETV22 30 months ago
Yes it’s Boxing Day! 🥳⛄️🎄
justjeff 30 months ago
Sorry to learn of his passing. The Untouchables was a great series- I own it on DVD.

I'm happy to tell all of my fellow posters that the pacemaker replacement surgery went fine and other than some localized area soreness, I'm doing great! Looking forward to another 12 years or more with God's good graces and perfect pacemaker function...

Hopefully more puns and trivia will follow in due time! Again... Happy Holidays to all!
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justjeff LoveMETV22 30 months ago
May you and yours enjoy a peaceful, safe and pleasant holiday as well!
JERRY6 justjeff 30 months ago
glad the replacement went well . always kliked the untouchables , he ewas good in all his roles remember him from Mannix mod squad and a few others
justjeff JERRY6 30 months ago
Thanks for the well-wishes!
mojomoonjo JERRY6 29 months ago
On Original Batman,too!
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