R.I.P. Barbara Baldavin, Star Trek actress and casting director

She played a bride-to-be on Star Trek and Officer Malloy's date on Adam-12. Baldavin was 85 years old.

Barbara Baldavin, who appeared on multiple episodes of the original Star Trek, and had a recurring role on the medical drama Medical Center, has passed away.

Classic sci-fi fans will remember Baldavin from her three appearances on Star Trek: The Original Series. Her first came on the first-season episode "Balance of Terror", which introduced the Romulans to the world. The episode opens with Kirk officiating a wedding between two of his crew members. The bride is Angela Martine, played by Baldavin. Unfortunately, due to a red alert, the wedding is interrupted. The episode finishes with Kirk and Martine talking once more.

She turns up again as Angela Martine (or Mary Teller — her character originally had another name, so she is referred to as both in this episode) in "Shore Leave", where she cowers from an advancing tiger and runs from aircraft gunfire.

Her third and final appearance, fittingly, was on the series finale episode "Turnabout Intruder", where Baldavin portrayed a communications officer. She had a deleted scene in a fourth episode, "Space Seed", but Baldavin's scene didn't make it to air.

Baldavin also appeared three times on Adam-12, notably once as the wife of a reckless officer, and again as Officer Malloy's date. She also had guest roles on Mannix, Barnaby Jones, Fantasy Island, and more.

In 1969 she joined the cast of Medical Center, first as a one-off character, then in a recurring role as Nurse Holmby.

Later in her career, she shifted to working in casting, much like her husband, who served as the casting director on Star Trek. Baldavin worked in the casting department for series like Trapper John, M.D., Dynasty, and Matt Houston.

She also served as an instructor for Dawn Wells' Film Actor's Boot Camp and was a close friend of the Gilligan's Island actress.

Baldavin was 85 years old.

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mcharris 13 days ago
Barbara Rush was one of my favorites. She also had a roundabout Star Trek connection. She was once married to Jefferey Hunter, who was Captain Christopher Pike in the Cage episode.
Mark112763 18 days ago
Am very sorry to hear this. Rest in peace dear lady.
Spaceseed 18 days ago
Sad. We are losing our brave crew.
rb5391 19 days ago
she was beautiful and talented
tootsieg 19 days ago
How sad. Losing two very talented snd beautiful Barbaras. Barbara Rush had such a body of work in TV and the big screen. Barbara Baldavin worked behind and on the screen. I like her characters on Adam 12.
Rest In Peace to two lovely ladies.
cperrynaples tootsieg 19 days ago
I mentioned Barbara Rush yesterday! Her biggest movie was It Came From Outer Space! Maybe Svengoolie will show it!
tootsieg cperrynaples 16 days ago
I hope Sven does show the movie. My news station mentioned Barbara Rush was best known for making that movie. I would like see it.
Avie 19 days ago
“[Baldavin] had a deleted scene in a fourth episode, ‘Space Seed,’ but Baldavin's scene didn't make it to air.”

Yes, “deleted” in this context means it was not in the version that aired. No need to be redundant.

As for

“Later in her career, she shifted to working in casting, much like her husband, who served as the casting director on Star Trek.”

Yes, and his name was JOSEPH D’AGOSTA, which should’ve been mentioned even if he HADN’T been the show’s casting director, and head of Desilu’s casting department.

nd1irish Avie 19 days ago
Feel better?
McGillahooala 19 days ago
R.I.P. a beautiful lady who helped bring us a classic show.
cperrynaples 20 days ago
Another Barbara from '60's TV died! Barbara Rush played Nora Clavicle on one of the last Batmans! She also replaced Dorothy Malone on Peyton Place! She lived to be 97!
BrittReid 20 days ago
R.I.P. Barbara Baldavin, always good in Star Trek and her other work.
Runeshaper 20 days ago
R.I.P. Barbara Baldavin. Thank you for all of your contributions!
Peter_Falk_Fan 20 days ago
Barbara Baldavin was in my favorite episode of "Star Trek: The Original Series", 'Shore Leave'. I just saw her in the "Columbo" episode called 'Death Lends a Hand'.

R.I.P. Barbara Baldavin
"Shore Leave" is one of my favorites too. 🐇 🐅
!!! I've watched that episode several times and didn't realize she was in it. I'll have to watch again and look for her.
cperrynaples 20 days ago
Space Seed was of course the eplsode where Richardo Monteblan was introduced as Khan!
Sway 20 days ago
RIP Barbara Baldavin 🕊️.
Also, RIP Barbara Rush 🕊️, decades career in movies and TV.
DethBiz Sway 20 days ago
Barbara Rush was always popping up in 70s crime dramas such as Mannix. A friend of mine just told me that her daughter Claudia Cowan is a reporter for Fox News. As the Dana Carvey Johnny Carson used to say I Did Not Know That.
BrittReid DethBiz 20 days ago
Barbara Rush was in 'When World's Collide' and 'It Came From Outer Space' two fifty's classic sci-fi films.
PDCougar Sway 19 days ago
With the death of Barbara Rush, we're now down to just 4 surviving "Batman" villains. Or 5, if you count William Shatner as Two-Face.
DethBiz BrittReid 19 days ago
It Came from Outer Space was a hoot! Love that movie!
Bapa1 20 days ago
RIP, she was memorable in that STOS episode where she played the bride to be.
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