Now Available in the MeTV Store: The new Toony donut T-shirt and mug

The "T" in T-shirt stands for Toony!

Just in time for National Donut Day! Show off your love for Toony the Tuna from MeTV's Toon In With Me — and his love for donuts. Lots and lots of donuts.

Of course, people love to dunk their donuts, so we have a mug featuring Toony. Or sport Toony and his treats with a nifty tee.

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Weekdays at 7 AM

*available in most MeTV markets
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JayW 36 months ago
I was so happy when "Toon In With Me" first started, but now it's just crap with all the 'characters' that take up cartoon time. Now we are down to 4 or 5 cartoons in an hour show. Prefer the Saturday shows with NO 'curator'.
figoha7883 37 months ago
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Grynch_84 37 months ago
Toon in with me is useless. This morning the "expert" cartoon curator couldn't even pronounce the name of a cartoon correctly. If you don't know how to pronounce the cartoon title, you ain't an expert.
Pop 'im Pop isn't a contraction of I am, it's about hitting the "mouse". Bill pronounced it as Pop I'm Pop. Hilarious.
Grynch_84 Grynch_84 37 months ago
And now they can't even list the cartoons that will be playing during an episode. Instead, they are giving show titles. Such as the brilliant "Name of the writer" script. It's about the cartoons, not the studio hosts or writers of the non-comedy taking place in the studio. metv, you have dropped the ball big-time with the m-f show. Horribly unacceptable.
cocoawoobie 37 months ago
I'd buy a Karl Kolchak Night Stalker shirt if you ever made one. You have one or more for everything else.
PaulaGirl 38 months ago
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HulkFan02 38 months ago
Those are just so cute
lynngdance HulkFan02 38 months ago
Nice collage in your profile pic! Did you make in on Piccollage?
lynngdance HulkFan02 38 months ago
Cool, I use that app too, funny coincidence.
justjeff 38 months ago
Perhaps they should change the name from Weigel Broadcasting to "We Sell" Broadcasting... they have more t-shirts for salel than an Old Navy store!
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