Michael Landon said this was why he wrote family-centric stories

"I wanted to show myself and others I was somebody."

As the star of programs like Bonanza and Little House on The Prairie, Michael Landon was a well-known action in warm-hearted family-centric programs that focused on interpersonal relationships. Ironically enough, this was an intentional choice by Landon because his home life lacked all of the elements his television series was full of.

In an article from Tulsa World, Landon was quoted as he explained his reasoning behind why he decided to work on specific projects. He said, "It's because my family was so different. It was filled with religious prejudice, a judgmental upbringing, and lots of silence." He continued, "My parents went for weeks without speaking." Landon had a dysfunctional childhood, one that is featured in some of his other projects, like the semi-autobiographical film, The Loneliest Runner.

This was intensified by a lack of social life. Landon told the South Wales Echo, "Basically, I was a loner. I'm a driven man because from the time I was a kid, I wanted to show myself and others I was somebody." However, Landon spoke about the acting roles that he tended to gravitate more toward and said, "I created family relationships where people stay together because they communicate."

Landon did not begin his role on Bonanza with the intention of writing, but after some time on the show, an opportunity presented itself when the show found itself scriptless, with production planned to begin Monday morning. Were they unable to find a script, the crew would have to halt production. Landon quickly got to work, using the weekend to draft up a script for a new Bonanza episode plot that was soon afterward accepted.

Lorne Greene, Landon's on-screen father, said, "After the show had been on four or five years, he came to me and said he'd written a show he wanted to direct. I told the producer I thought it was a wonderful idea." Greene said of Landon, "Michael has a wonderful imagination and knows how to touch people." Landon would continue writing and directing for the show.

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