Marcia can keep Davy Jones, this high school girl brought a cardboard cut-out of Danny DeVito to prom

See photos that prove this is the most sitcom approach to prom ever.


Classic TV fans are all familiar with The Brady Bunch episode where Marcia Brady accidentally promises her junior prom that she can get Davy Jones to perform before she even has the first clue how to arrange that sort of thing. Luckily for Marcia, everything worked out, but more recently, a Pennsylvania high school student Allison Closs apparently wanted Danny DeVito to be her prom date so much that she decided to forego the obstacle of trying to convince the celebrity to go with her to the dance, and simply drag along a cardboard cut-out instead. See photos from her perfect prom at the link below.

While classic TV fans likely associate DeVito more with the show he won an Emmy on, Taxi, we're guessing from Closs' location that she's a bigger fan of his more recent TV series, the screwball sitcom It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. She explains her thought process behind the prom experiment in the video below.

Our favorite thing about Closs' light and fun approach to the timeless prom ritual is how she dressed the cardboard DeVito in a jacket and tie for the occasion. Intentional or not, seeing the slack tie slung around DeVito's neck definitely gave us flashes of Louie De Palma.

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groovygirl 48 months ago
i saw a video where a girl took a george harrison cutout to her prom! when my prom rolls around, it'll be george or davy! lol!
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