Jason Walton and his onscreen wife were married in real life

The wedding was officiated by John Walton himself, Ralph Waite!

The season eight episode of The Waltons titled “The Remembrance” involves Grandpa Zeb’s cousin, Zadok, visiting Walton’s Mountain. He gives John a fiddle owned by his grandfather, Rome Walton, who settled the mountain over 150 years prior. John gives the instrument to Jason who plays for everyone at the end.

Another memorable storyline follows Jason at Camp Rockfish. He meets Antoinette “Toni” Hazleton after she nearly runs him over while driving Colonel Usselbury’s car. They’re naturally at odds but clearly like each other at the same time. Toni visits Walton’s Mountain and Jason plays her a song he wrote called “Antoinette.” Jason steals a kiss and they eventually get married in season nine.

Six months before their characters met on TV, Jon Walmsley (Jason) married Lisa Harrison (Antionette) in the summer of 1979. According to a People Magazine story from the time, they had an outdoor ceremony in Malibu, California.

The whole cast of The Waltons was in attendance. Ralph Waite, who played Walton family patriarch, John, officiated his TV son’s ceremony. Not to be outdone, Michael Learned (mother of the Walton clan, Olivia) hosted the reception at her own home!

Other notable guests included Pat Simmons of The Doobie Brothers and actor John Ritter, who played Reverend Matthew Fordwick in early seasons of The Waltons.

Lisa Harrison appeared in seven episodes of the show and three Waltons reunion movies in the 1990s. Like her husband, she was an accomplished singer and musician. The couple got to show off their musical chops when they performed together in the season nine episode “The Gold Watch.”

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Hope54 33 months ago
I went to the Walton museums last weekend.I enjoyed it.Go see it.it brought back memories.Across the street from the museum is the real house now a John and Olivia b&b
jpw 50 months ago
I am currently in the hospital and trying to figure out how I can watch my most favourite ever programming on my iPhone. I have downloaded the app I just stopped at work so any help would be appreciated thank you have a wonderful day
buddy18 50 months ago
Lol,yes there are quite a few typos and other errors in this app. Must not have a copy editor. 😃
Moody 50 months ago
I wonder if Zeb & Zadock were related to Zardoz? I suppose we'll never know.
buddy18 50 months ago
No,they are divorced. No children. Jon is remarried and living in the country of his birth. England. He still plays his music.
Teresa buddy18 50 months ago
Well according to Wikipedia they had one child together.
Lantern 50 months ago
Well, are they still together? Do they have children?
Lantern 50 months ago
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