Jackie Gleason's entirely round ''Mothership'' mansion is for sale

The Honeymooners star designed the luxurious, UFO-inspired pad.

Images: Zillow / Avco Embassy Pictures

While Jackie Gleason was delivering laughs in a cramped apartment on The Honeymooners, he was actually coming home to this spherical wonderland the comedic legend designed as his getaway in Westchester County, New York. Gleason called it "The Mothership," and made sure everything inside it, from the circular bed to the marble spiral staircase, represented the curvy nature of his topsy-turvy brand of comedy.

Now that mansion architects have marveled at since the 1950s is back on the market, that is, if you have an extra $12 million laying around to pony up for the estimated price of the perfectly round lair. That round figure includes a gorgeous office, classy game rooms and two bars to entertain guests. The photos show how unique a mind Gleason was, making his home as fun to experience (even just through photos) as the works he produced on TV, on stages and in movies. Check out photos below:

Learn more about Gleason's unusual UFO-inspired pad or check out more photos here.

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