J. Wellington Wimpy: War hero and hamburger ambassador

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Wimpy is a pathetic man. He's a lazy, gluttonous, cowardly, self-centered con artist. He's the classic low-status character attempting to put on airs, donning an attitude of superiority to hide his destitution. 

He's poorly dressed, frequently bereft of money and housing, and he fails over and over again to put his brain to good use. But, despite all this, Popeye calls him a friend. 

"I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today". So rang out J. Wellington Wimpy's famous catchphrase, repeated shamelessly for time immemorial. Imagine being famous for guiltlessly mooching off of your own best pals.

 But did you know Wimpy is also a bit of a war hero? Or, at least his name was, technically.

That's because, during World War II, Wimpy lent his name to a British twin-engined, long-range medium bomber. The Vickers Wellington, nicknamed "The Wimpy," was tremendously effective in raids on Cologne, Essen, and other German cities.

According to a 1942 article in the News and Record, "The Wellington bomber got its name from the comic strip character, who is well known to all English soldiers because the Popeye strip appears in the London Daily Mirror, one of the two most widely circulated of English papers among the military forces. Incidentally, J. Wellington Wimpy's consuming passion for hamburgers was responsible before the war for the introduction and popularization of this typically American 'amburger in England."

So, the next time you want to dismiss Wimpy for being a lousy mooch, just remember: J. Wellington Wimpy is a veteran of the Allied armed forces, and deserves to be venerated with the greatest of heroes. 

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forthekids 12 days ago
"Wimpy" was employed in some of the Fleischer"Popeye"movie cartoons..he played judges of contests and he was a cop in one cartoon"Choose Yer Weapons"(Although not a very reliable one).He also played a court judge in"Assault & Flattery" in a Paramount/Famous "Popeye" movie cartoons. And he played a not too reliable plumber in"Plumbing Is A Pipe".
Bapa1 13 days ago
Next 4th of July, have an eating contest between Wimpy, Jughead Jones, Shaggy, and Scooby-Doo. Winner gets his stomach pumped.
daDoctah 13 days ago
Not mentioned in the article (but perhaps lightly brushed up against) is that there was also an actual franchise burger chain called Wimpy's (the chain apparently started in the US but found its greatest success in the UK, Canada and South Africa).

Dudley Moore's character in the movie "Bedazzled" opens the movie working in one of their locations.
LoveMETV22 daDoctah 13 days ago
Although probably not a franchise practice to locate next door to another chain. It would be interesting if a Wimpy's and Popeye's were to locate next door to each other. 🤔
Bricat2001 LoveMETV22 13 days ago
there used to be a Hardees and a McDonalds that were right next to each other 45 minutes from here, the Hardee's recently closed thou which was sad cuz i like their burgers better than McDonalds :(
MrsPhilHarris daDoctah 13 days ago
I can remember eating at Wimpy when I was in the UK.
Andybandit 13 days ago
Wimpy was a strange character on Popeye.
daDoctah 14 days ago
I turn to Wimpy whenever the situation calls for an explanation of the Yiddish word "schnorrer". Wimpy doesn't steal a hamburger he's not entitled to, he doesn't trick someone out of it, he simply takes advantage of a hamburger that's freely offered to anyone willing to take it whether or not he was an intended recipient.

We used to make schnorring runs of the conference rooms where I worked, based on the logic that nobody eats *all* the food brought in for meetings, and nobody in their right mind schedules a meeting after about 3:30pm, so whatever's left behind is fair game. It was after one such run that I got back to my desk with a large styrofoam cup (intended for coffee) full of buttered popcorn and in figuring out how to eat it without getting my keyboard all greasy, realized that chopsticks are perfect for such nugget-sized messy foods (they work for Cheetos too). On another occasion I scored two large styrofoam clamshells of rice (one white, one brown) that hadn't even been opened when they ordered Chinese food.
justjeff 14 days ago
...and this article appeared on National Cheeseburger Day... but I'd hate to see his cholesterol levels...
LoveMETV22 justjeff 13 days ago
....and today is Tuesday....So should we check back with Wimpy to see if he is still glad? 🤣
justjeff LoveMETV22 13 days ago
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