Watch: Lynda Carter's final Wonder Woman appearance on TV was a duet with Kenny Rogers

His farewell show featured duets with Dolly Parton, of course.


Earlier this week, Kenny Rogers performed his final show ever in Nashville. It was an all-star concert that celebrated his 60-year career and also featured a bunch of supporting artists, including other sensations who hit their stride in the 1970s like Lionel Richie and Dolly Parton.

Everybody was there to pay tribute to Rogers' signature smooth country croon. According to Rolling Stone, the highlight of the night was when Rogers and Parton reunited to perform "Islands in the Stream" for their final time. The entire concert was filmed and is expected to be released in full, so don't worry if you missed out. 

Although "Islands in the Stream" is likely Rogers' most famous duet in a catalog chock full of great ones, as we considered Rogers' history of hitting notes with the best, we found ourselves recalling a much lesser-known duet he did in 1980. This one featured Lynda Carter of Wonder Woman fame, inviting Rogers on TV to join her in her Lynda Carter Special. It aired on CBS and spanned one hour, memorably featuring Carter's final appearance as Wonder Woman.

Watch her introduce the special below, referring to herself in the third person, when "Wonder Woman" requests that we welcome her good friend Lynda Carter.

The song that Carter and Rogers sang was called "You and Me," a song that Rogers had previously recorded with country singer Dottie West in 1977. That was the same year his song "Lucille" became a smash success, and yet his duet with West never charted. That ended up being a good thing for this new rendition with Carter, since audiences were likely less familiar with the number when Carter and Rogers would perform it.

The Kenny Rogers segment of the Lynda Carter Special begins with Rogers playing photographer and Carter playing his model subject. As Rogers snaps Carter's photos again and again, his images flash on the screen, painting the picture that the two have a special camaraderie, which happens to be a key theme in "You and Me." Perhaps one of these shots was for an album cover that never surfaced? 

Watch the unlikely duo goof around and perform the song below, as we say thanks and farewell to Rogers and recall the time we did the same with TV's Wonder Woman.

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