H.R. Pufnstuf is making a brief TV comeback on Monday

The favorite dragon from our youth will visit his nephew, a big yellow Nickelodeon dog.


Back in October we alerted you to an unlikely comeback of a beloved character from our youth. Little did we know that H.R. Pufstuf, who is a dragon, had a nephew, who is a dog. But would you expect anything less from the minds of Sid and Marty Krofft?

The two Saturday morning television pioneers, both around the age of 80, are still crafting creatures and entertainment. Sid and Marty returned to children's TV last summer with Mutt & Stuff on Nick Jr. The series stars Cesar Milan, the noted "dog whisperer," and his son Calvin. Naturally, there is a giant huggable puppet dog named Stuff (we bet you thought he was Mutt).

On Monday, February 15, Krofft worlds will collide with when Pufnstuf, Freddy the Flute, Cling and Clang take a vacation from Living Island and stop by Mutt & Stuff.

TV Line has a preview clip, featuring the Rescue Racer. The old dragon and his pals look good for their age.

Perhaps if the crossover episode scores enough viewers, there could be more Krofft revivals on the horizon.

If not, you can still catch the originals on Saturday morning at 7AM | 6C on MeTV. What other Krofft characters would you like to see return?

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