Howard Morris played the only Jetson outside the main cast

The Mayberry fan favorite most famously voiced Jet Screamer on the futuristic cartoon, but he also voiced Grandpa Jetson three times.

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In The Jetsons cartoon world, there wasn’t a bunch of extended family to meet.

Jane’s mom came around, but she wasn’t a Jetson and never even got a character name outside of "Jane’s Mother."

In fact, the only Jetson to appear on the animated sitcom outside the main cast of characters was George’s grandfather Montague Jetson.

Grandpa Jetson appears in three episodes, beginning with "A Visit from Grandpa" in 1962. In that episode, we find out Grandpa is 110 years old and, unlike George, is incredibly zany and out there, a wild child even at his advanced age.

Of course, when you need a man to voice a character who is "out there," Howard Morris might come to mind. The actor, who is best known for playing Ernest T. Bass on The Andy Griffith Show, never met a wild character he couldn’t tame.

On The Jetsons, Morris is perhaps best remembered for voicing Jet Screamer, a rock star who Judy Jetson wins a date with. But while that episode certainly rocks, we wanted to take the time to make sure you don’t forget about Grandpa Jetson.

The next time Grandpa appears is in an episode called  "Grandpa and the Galactic Goldigger," where he is comically mistaken for the wealthy Mr. Spacely by a would-be thief, and then for the last time in the episode "Father/Daughter Dance," where he fills in for George at one of Judy’s school events.

In his voicework career, Morris said everything always moved fast, and so if you proved you could keep up the pace, you’d be the go-to guy to fill in on hit animated shows.

On The Jetsons, that was certainly the case because apart from Jet Screamer and Grandpa, Morris also voiced a space industry spy called Harlan in recurring episodes, as well as plenty of other random characters in more than a dozen episodes.

It likely helped him get cast so much that the man had a million voices inside him.

Out of all the Jetsons characters, there was only ever one Jetson introduced outside of George, Jane, Judy and Elroy, though and that honor went to Morris.

So next time you think of "The Jetsons" as a family, don’t forget to think of Grandpa and Howard Morris.  

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bagandwallyfan52 32 months ago
Betty Lynn
Thelma Lou
The Andy Griffith Show
Passed Away 2021
Age 95
JHP 32 months ago
I will say it today and said it yday and will say it 2mrrw - This guy was Pure and refined Genius

Two of my fav bit actors (plus Morris did A LOT of directing) were Karl Swenson and Morris
top_cat_james_1 32 months ago
Not mentioned was that those last two "Grandpa" episodes are from the inferior Eighties reboot.
KevinButler 32 months ago
Howie Morris also performed the voice of'Harlan".."Mr.Cogswell's"underling on "The Jetsons" and he was reunited with Allen Melvin for"The Secret Lives Of Waldo Kitty"live action/animated cartoon tv series.
Zip 32 months ago
I'll always remember him mainly as the great(Nut) Ernest T. Bass, but Howard Morris was one talented fellow.
justjeff 32 months ago
Look carefully in the animated clip above and note that George Jetson's feet stay in the same unmoving position while his torso moves around... Ah! The joy [not!] of limited animation...
MrsPhilHarris 32 months ago
He did voices for Beetle Bailey with Allan Melvin and also he was the voice of Jughead on The Archies. He really got around.
Michael 32 months ago
Howard Morris did some films with Mel Brooks.

daDoctah Michael 32 months ago
They had repeatedly worked together at least as far back as Sid Caesar's "Your Show of Shows".
Michael daDoctah 32 months ago
That's a detail I didn't know.

It makes more sense.
justjeff Michael 32 months ago
Here's Howie Morris, Carl Reiner and Sid Caesar doing a real send-up of the Crew-Cuts as "The Haircuts" singling "Raindrops are Falling" in 1956 on "Caesar's Hour"...
bagandwallyfan52 32 months ago
I like Ernest T.Bass (Howard Morris) and Ernest P. Worrell
(Jim Varney-Ernest Goes To
Camp.Both of them are funny.
Runeshaper 32 months ago
Hooray for Grandpa AKA Howard Morris! (-:
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