Henry Winkler's grandson dressed up as The Fonz for Halloween


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When Arthur Fonzarelli first rolled up in that leather jacket and slicked-back hair, it would have been hard to picture that 47 years later he would still be the ultimate icon of cool. But time has proved that the character's swagger and catchphases still endure with generation after generation.

Some of the ultimate proof? Henry Winkler, who originated the role in 1974, recently spoke on Late Night with Seth Meyers about his grandson's choice of Halloween costume. 

Winkler's grandson, Ace, (and yes, he acknowledges how cool that name is as well) decided to dress as Fonzie last year for Halloween. Winkler says that the sight of little Ace all dressed up with leather jacket, greaser hair, and all filled him with grandfatherly pride. "My heart dropped out of my chest," said Winkler. "He had the pleather...he had on the jeans, his red hair was slicked back."

It seems like the Fonzie charm is genetic after all.

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practicaljokerfan 1 hour ago
Does anyone know the name of the actor who played Officer Evans on the Happy
Days episode AKA The Fonz ?
That's the episode where Officer Kirk
(Ed Peck) tried to run Knuckles Shultz
Rocky Barufi and Fonzie out of town.
The name of the actor who played
Officer Evans is Not listed in the credits
At the end of the episode.
Also does anyone know if the following
Actresses are still acting in TV shows
Or movies:
Carey Williams
Carol Williams
Tita Bell
Carey Williams is the girl who danced
The season one episode of Happy Days
Called Guess Who's coming to Visit which
is the episode where Skizzy challenged
Fonzie to a drag race on Airport Road
And Howard Cunningham Tom Bosley
Got caught holding the flag to start the
Drag race . Richie and his friends got
Grounded except Moose and Carey Williams
Who danced with Moose.
Carol Williams played the role of
MARALEE in the season 3 episode
Called Fonzie's New Friend .
Richie tried to get MARALEE. a date
With Fonzie's friend Sticks Downey Jr John Anthony Bailey. Sticks Played the drums
At Richie's Hawaii Party.
Tita Bell played Trudy on Happy Days
On seasons one and two.
practicaljokerfan 1 day ago
On the season 2 episode of Happy Days
Called Guess Who's coming To Christmas
What was the name of the actor who played BUZZ who worked at Cunningham
Hardware store and Buzz was holding
A broom and when Howard said to
Buzz "Hey Buzz we haven't heard you
Yet and then BUZZ falls down.
Who's the Mystery.Man who played
practicaljokerfan 1 day ago
Happy Days was worth watching just
To see that cute girl DAPHNE (Hillary
HORAN) who played the drums in Richie's band after Bag(Neil J Schwartz) and
Sticks (John Anthony Bailey) played
The drums in Richie's band.
Let's have a 🥁 drum roll for Daphne.
Happy Days creater Garry MARSHALL
And Bobby Melner Harris Kal and
CHACHI ARCOLA Scott Baio also
Played drums on Happy Days.
And Fonzie Played the Bongos in
Richie's band in the season two
Episode Fonzie Joins The Band.
Maybe the reason Chuck Cunningham 1
Gavan O'Herlihys last episode of Happy Days was the season one episode
Give The Band A Hand is because
Chuck Cunningham 1 got tired of
Richie's band (Richie Potsie Ralph and
Bag) playing All Shook Up at the college party.
practicaljokerfan 1 day ago
Spunky Fonzie's dog and Fluffy
Carol Brady's cat all vanished into
The SITCOM ZONE where Chuck Cunningham lived with other TV
Characters who vanished from
Their TV shows.
stephaniestavr5 1 day ago
When Ace gets older, and joins the work force, he gets offered the corner office for his work space. He'll decline that offer He'll ask if he can "hold court" in the Men's Room! Just like Grandpappy Fonzie did, on HD. (Technically, it was the Boys Room.)
practicaljokerfan 1 day ago
It would have been amazing if Spike
And CHACHI ARCOLA had been on
Happy Days at the same time.
It's too bad that MOOSE Barry GREENBERG
And Eugene BELVIN Denis MANDEL and Melvin BELVIN Scott Bernstein were not
On Happy Days at the same time .
Also If Jill Higgins played by Charlene Tilton
And Trudy played by Tita Bell had been on
Happy Days at the same time maybe
Jill and Trudy might have become
Friends. It would have been great if
Roger Phillips Ted McGinley and
Bag Zombroski Neil J Schwartz both
Funny characters had been on Happy Days
At the same time.
When Roger Phillips Ted McGinley
Came on Happy Days The writers
Could have brought back Chuck Cunningham (Randolph Roberts)
And Chuck Cunningham coild have
Been assistant basketball coach
Working with Roger Phillips.
Also Eugene BELVIN Denis MANDEL
Was a good boyfriend for Jenny Piccalo Cathy Silvers but Jenny didn't
Appreciate Eugene BELVIN .
Also it is amazing that Fonzie had his
Tonsils taken out 2 different times
only the Fonz could do that.
When was the other time besides Fonsillectomy?
Fonzie said in the second season
Episode to Richie Cunningham
Ron Howard in the episode.called
Haunted myjay his mother took
Him to the hospital to have his
Tonsils taken out.
That's the episode where Ralph Malph Donny Most had a Halloween party
At the old Simpson house and
Bag Zombroski Neil J Schwartz
Scared everyone except Richie Cunningham by disguing himself
As the ghost of old lady Simpson.
Michael 1 day ago
Did he look like Fonzie, or Spike?
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I thought that Roger Phillips Ted McGinley was a clone of Chuck Cunningham 2 Randolph Roberts.
Coy and Vance looked like clones
Of Bo and Luke on Dukes of Hazzard.
Garry Marshall did a good job when
He hired these Happy Days Actors:
Scott Bernstein (Melvin BELVIN)
DENIS Mandel (Eugene BELVIN)
Cathy Silvers (Jenny Piccalo)
Henry Winkler (Fonzie)
Donny Most (Ralph Malph)
Bobby Melner (Harris Kal)
Bag Zombroski (Neil J. Schwartz)
Spike (Danny Butch)
Roger Phillips (Ted McGinley)
Chuck Cunningham 1 Gavan O'Herlihy
Chuck Cunningham 2 Randolph Roberts
Jill Higgins (Charlene Tilton)
Chachi(Scott Baio)
Trudy (Tita Bell)
Wendy (Misty Rowe)
Marsha Simms Beatrice Colen
Also Ron Howard (Richie Cunningham)
And Anson Williams (Potsie Weber)
Were fantastic playing Richie and
Barry GREENBERG was the right
Choice to play Moose on Happy Days.
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