Henry Winkler pays a visit to the Fonz in Milwaukee

The "Bronze" Fonz gets a famous visitor!

@hwinkler4real via Twitter

Happy Days may have ended 32 years ago, but there's no love lost between Henry Winkler and the character he made famous.

The actor tweeted out a photo yesterday of himself hanging out with the the Fonz, or should we say the "Bronze Fonz," in Milwaukee.

The city erected the statue in 2008 as a tribute to the iconic greaser and the show, which took place there. It's located along the Milwaukee River, a few blocks from the fictional apartment of Laverne DeFazio and Shirley Feeney.

Bronze statues seem to be having a moment this summer. Late last month, Don Knott's hometown of Morgantown, West Virginia, unveiled a statue of the actor to commemorate his roles on The Andy Griffith Show and The Ghost and Mr. Chicken.

Just last weekend, a new bronze statue of Lucille Ball was revealed in Celoron, New York, to replace an unfortunate looking one that was dubbed "Scary Lucy."

Winkler was one of two cast members to appear in all 255 episodes of Happy Days, the other being Tom Bosley. 

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