Get in the Christmas spirit with these retro greeting cards — complete with puppies and kittens

Meowy Christmas!


Ahh, Christmas. It really is the most wonderful time of the year. The only things that can make the season even more wonderful are your favorite furry friends. Though it's still November, it's a pretty commonly accepted practice to celebrate the Christmas season as soon as the clock strikes 12 after Thanksgiving.

November 29 just so happens to be National Electronic Greeting Day, but we still prefer a good old fashioned greeting card.

Speaking of which, we've wrangled a bunch of the cutest vintage Christmas cards we could find, featuring puppies and kittens so you can smile as you scroll through. Meowy Christmas!

Five kittens are better than one.

Wishing this little guy would be under your tree this Christmas, am I right?

Puppy in a Santa hat > Santa in a Santa hat.


The best way to liven up a tired holiday jam.

And best wishes to you, Scotty dogs!

#catgoals, #decorgoals

If this isn't the most charming image.

Partners in crime.

You couldn't even be mad at this kitten.

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