George Lindsey wanted everyone to know that he was not a ''country comedian''

"I don't think I'm a 'country comedian.' I think I am a comedian with an accent,"

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There's nothing wrong with being proud of your roots; in fact, plenty of people have become famous for telling stories of their hometown. People like Andy Griffith and Don Knotts, who were both raised in the South, used their childhood stories to their advantage, as they served as inspiration for many of the settings and characters in The Andy Griffith Show.

Plenty of rumors have alleged that Mayberry itself is based on Griffith's hometown of Mt. Airy, North Carolina, though a place like Mayberry always seems too good to be true in the real world. For Andy Griffith and Don Knotts, they wore the term "country" on their names like a badge of honor.

For others, however, it wasn't so easy. George Lindsey, best known for playing rural silly boy Goober Pyle, was quick to remind people that while his character was country, Lindsey himself was not. Lindsey, who was born in Alabama, actually spoke to the Leaf-Chronicle about his desire not to be viewed as a "country comedian," alluding to the more negative stereotypes that many Southerners are often satirized as having.

"I don't think I'm a 'country comedian.' I think I am a comedian with an accent," Lindsey said. "My connotation of a country comedian is you black out the front teeth and put freckles on his face. If you've ever seen me work, I work in a tuxedo."

"Although I don't think that Minnie Pearl and Andy Griffith and myself could work the same town at the same night," Lindsey said.

One quality that Lindsey was convinced that all comedians share, however, was a sense of melancholy in their lives, somewhere. "Comedians are a certain breed of people. I think all were either born destitute or in Brooklyn, or all were terribly unhappy. I think that years of saying, 'Hey, like me,' is what makes you funny. That's what happened to me." Lindsey said.

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Mark112763 21 days ago
Could never imagine him playing anything but Goober but then, a lot of studios did the same thing with other actors and they never had a chance to show their full potential...
McGillahooala 24 days ago
Great job with comedy and more serious performances. I love watching this guy. As has already been mentioned, he was great on the Twilight Zone and I love him as Goober Pyle, especially when Goober is impersonating Larry Storch impersonating Cary Grant.
BenSobeleone 25 days ago
He did a great job of playing a deputy on an episode of Twilight Zone. The episode: "I Am the Night-Color Me Black."
FrankensteinLover 25 days ago
Such a fan of George Lindsey especially good ole Goob.
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