Fall in Love with Full House with a heartfelt Valentine's marathon on February 13

Crushes, dates, and proposals are all in store with these romantic episodes!

Full House may be a show about family at its core, but that doesn't mean that there wasn't plenty of time to get lovey-dovey over the course of the series' eight-season run. Characters dated, broke up, got married, and even started families of their own! 

Celebrate the season of love with MeTV with a Full House marathon this Sunday, February 13, starting at 12P | 11C! We've hand-picked some of the most romantic episodes of the series. Puppy love, teenage crushes, and proposals abound!

Fall in Love with Full House - February 13 at 12P | 11C

12P | 11C - "Jesse's Girl"

Jesse's dream girl turns into a nightmare when she stops dating him and starts dating Joey.

12:30P | 11:30C - "A Little Romance"

D.J. learns the ups and downs of romance while bachelors Joey and Jesse are auctioned off at a charity auction.

1P | 12C - "Little Shop of Sweaters"

D.J. and Stephanie become worried when they can't find enough money to replace a damaged Valentine's Day gift sweater. Meanwhile, Jesse has his first serious date with Rebecca, and Joey attends a Valentine's Day ball dressed as Popeye.

1:30P | 12:30C - "Stephanie Plays the Field"

Brett, Stephanie's new boyfriend, plays on the Little League baseball team opposing her team. She's the star pitcher, and when he asks her to cheat so that his team can win the game, Stephanie makes a tough decision.

2P | 1C - "The Wedding, Part 1"

Wanting one last adventure before marriage, Jesse goes skydiving on his wedding day. Unfortunately, he lands in a tree and can't get down.

2:30P | 1:30C - "The Wedding, Part 2"

Jesse is late for his wedding - because he's in jail.

3P | 2C - "Lovers and Other Tanners"

Danny thinks that D.J. spends too much time with her boyfriend, Steve. She neglects her schoolwork and family responsibilities. But he learns to understand her feelings of love for Steve when he realizes he loves Vicky.

3:30P | 2:30C - "The Heartbreak Kid"

When D.J.'s boyfriend, Steve, gives Michelle a valentine, Michelle takes it seriously and starts making wedding plans.

4P | 3C - "The House Meets the Mouse, Part 1"

The entire household visits Disney World when Jesse is invited there to give a concert. Aladdin makes Michelle the new "Princess of the Day," and now she is the boss for the day. Danny tries to propose marriage to Vicky.

4:30P | 3:30C - "The House Meets the Mouse, Part 2"

At Disney World, the family searches the entire park for Michelle; Danny proposes to Vicky; and after quarreling, Jesse and Rebecca reunite. Michelle gives Stephanie her crown so Stephanie can be the princess in the parade.

5P | 4C - "Prom Night"

It's D.J.'s prom night, and the evening is going well until Steve and his ex-girlfriend are elected King and Queen of the prom.

5:30P | 4:30C - "Dateless in San Francisco"

Michelle gets a boyfriend for Valentine's Day, while Joey gets a secret admirer. When Jesse helps Danny plan an elaborate date with Claire, Rebecca feels neglected.

Catch Full House every Sunday on MeTV at its regular time of 2P | 1C!

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FullhouseFangirl1987 28 months ago
Guys, there is room for everybody. stop the hate on fullhouse this show is a good show. And if you guys would watch the me TV ads you would know this is a special Valentine's Day lineup relax. Nobody is making you watch. For me, I am enjoying the marathon. It's a New Year guys stop negativity.
rstuv 28 months ago
I'm surprised MeTV scheduled Gilligan after Full House instead of before; with the Brady's they would've had three uninterrupted hours of Sherwood Schwartz.

Also, like another commenter suggested, Howard Hesseman deserved more than just two WKRP episodes last Sunday (and the two that were aired were not very good; in those, Johnny Fever was not his usual self).
MidgetCricket 28 months ago
Has Mamas Family been taken off schedule permanently?
JHP MidgetCricket 28 months ago
WHO f-in cares?! - man - show those shows in a loop in every prison in US or wherever
DZee 28 months ago
First it's that awful Monk...now a show that wasn't any good when it was on network TV. Is somebody at MeTV purposely trying to chase viewers away?
JHP DZee 28 months ago
yup - I'd say so
LoveMETV22 DZee 28 months ago
I agree with Monk- their premise there was trying to pair it with Columbo-Unfortunately the studio that owns the rights to Columbo chose to end their agreement with MeTV. The addition of
Full House is probably to widen their target audience. They have and do broadcast programs that aired in the 80's:
Past: Laverne and Shirley, WKRP in Cincinnati, and other shows.
Present: The Love Boat, Happy Days, M*A*S*H.
It's more that some viewers don't like certain programs. If they don't like it, don't watch it.
Margaret 28 months ago
Full House wasn't a good show when it was on. I was appalled you only gave Howard Hesseman one hour. What was SO great about Bob Saget anyway. He was a barely passable actor and that troll baby is not funny. Stick to the 50's, 60's and 70's.
JHP Margaret 28 months ago
huh? (having gerber right now)
Rgranata24 28 months ago
How you not like full house it was funny and took up some issue I really enjoyed watching it I am glad there going have a valentine special u would be able to watch it because I have no tv
JHP Rgranata24 28 months ago
sometimes I think you are close to being Amish - may get there too very soon - untied states - you bet
JHP 28 months ago
just one more beat on the dead horse

Hey Me-Tv prog manager - how about LOVE American Style? (I know the networks get whats left in the Blockbuster dumpster)
JHP 28 months ago
I think all us negative nancys should get together for this debacle

I'll supply the bourbon AND coffee - each has to supply their own air sick bags

Deleted 28 months ago
This comment has been removed.
JHP 28 months ago
Woof woof - agreed:)
Rob 28 months ago
Why is me Tv punishing it’s viewers like this? First Monk and now this? Why so angry?
JHP 28 months ago




I can see in my crystal ball that the network rating Me-Tv will drop like 1929
vinman63 28 months ago
What did we do bad to get a FullHouse marathon.
CortneyNicole 28 months ago
Nope, never care less of watching this since you cut out Mama's Family MeTV shame on you!
Michael 28 months ago
In other Full House news, the news is that Bob Saget somehow banged his head against something, didn't worry about it and went to sleep. And then never woke up.
RetroMountaineer 28 months ago
Boooo!!! 👎 Don’t cut out the “Brady Brunch” MeTV!
They're just pre-empting programming for that, it's not a schedule change.
ncadams27 28 months ago
I’d rather have six hours of Medicare Advantage commercials.
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Pacificsun ncadams27 28 months ago
I DO remember that one! It must've been some stupid kind of reverse psychology type of marketing. Where she debates every single thing that the typical medical commercial talks about. She acts like she's butting her head into the TV set insisting that she's not going to do anything.

I've never seen any other commercial done like that. But it didn't last very long. Strangely. Somebody (in the gov't) must've hated it enough to give it the ax. My guess is, they didn't want to started giving busy-bodies any ideas about how to counter the suggestions. And then the whole point would've been lost for trying to help them. It was way too distracting (is my hunch).
Pacificsun ncadams27 28 months ago
That would be cool of course. But they can't start a trend about giving away free advertising, even if it's outdated but still for that product or corporation. Remember, it's usually just the name recognition they're hawking (like the made of a car itself, the model doesn't really matter). Some of those retro commercials might not even be PC correct anymore. I don't even want to mention examples, and then get deleted off here.
LoveMETV22 Pacificsun 28 months ago
Yes that is a very good point you make. Even some of the old commercials are product(s) that are still in existence (non-specific) on product list, but they are from Corporations. MeTV like all other networks have their own list of advertisers. Although I haven't seen the commercials that timothys71 mentions. I have to wonder if there is a process a network has to follow in order to air old retro-commercials?
LoveMETV22 Pacificsun 28 months ago
Found a Youtube clip "April 30, 1996 commercials (From most of TV Land's first night)" :


It too was retro in quality, but interesting.
harlow1313 28 months ago
I would likely puke right before sinking into diabetic shock. "I hates happy endings," to be read in a Yosemite Sam voice.
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