Every classic burger from McDonald's is about to change

For a fast food chain with the tagline "I'm lovin' it," McDonald's sure undergoes a lot of changes that seem to suggest they're not loving everything about their stuff, from chicken nuggets to desserts. Their most recent announcement will surely be a shock to the system of McD's fans who have trusted the chain's classic burgers at the very least will never change.

Earlier today, McDonald's announced it will be changing the recipe of every single one of its classic burgers. That includes the hamburger, cheeseburger, double cheeseburger, McDouble, Quarter Pounder with cheese, Double Quarter Pounder with cheese and, yes, The Big Mac.

Here's what's different: The company is ditching anything artificial, saying in the press release, all their burgers will have "no artificial preservatives, no artificial flavors and no added colors from artificial sources." They note that there are still artificial preservatives in the pickle, though, so if you're on board with all these changes for health reasons, they recommend you skip the pickle.

If it feels like restaurants are always changing your favorite foods on your, here are 10 other times the flavors shifted on our favorite snacks.

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RedSamRackham 68 months ago
Sure the burger will be 100% low grade beef but tasty indeed. ☺
Pacificsun 68 months ago
I know it was all about an article, but I wouldn't be too sure about the Milkshakes. Unless they're hand scooping pure ice cream & whizzing it up with milk, there's gotta be something holding that shake-mix together. Just say'in.
Propylene glycol alginate.
RobCertSDSCascap 68 months ago
Well, robble robble, I guess.
I haven't had a McDonald's hamburger in more than 40 years!
How were you able to upload a new image for your avatar. I can't make the upload image feature work. Is there a trick to it?
I didn't. They changed it. Arbitrarily, I assume.
Well, we may change our avatars, but only to one of their choosing.
Carrie Pacificsun 68 months ago
At the top of the Comments, to the right of your profile picture and name you'll see "Comments/Logout." Click on settings.
Carrie Carrie 68 months ago
Sorry. I meant Settings/Logout
Sheri 68 months ago
They need to ditch the artificial stuff.
stephaniestavropoulos 68 months ago
I don't care what they do. Non of my business If they want to change their foods who cares! It's a free country they do whatever they think is the best for their business. If after a while, the business finds out that the choices they made were bad for business causing it to tank...oh well. That's the way the MCDonalds animal cracker crumbles.!
No.Just like Coke they will probably bring back the old if the new is unpopular.
Oh, I miss those cookies!!
Soraya 68 months ago
This is all good, but I wish they would bring back the fried apple pie for those of us that want to clog our arteries every once in a while.

Pacificsun Soraya 68 months ago
They do have a new version of it. Just saw it advertised on TV.
eataton Soraya 68 months ago
That is the number one thing I miss for sure from the old days, the pies. I'm not sure if the old transfatty fries were better or not but in my memory they were. I hate when they change a recipe of an old favorite. Sometimes it's a subtle change that many people won't notice, but when they try and go cheaper or whatever you know something is a little off. I also hate when the sizes get smaller instead of raising the price. It's like they're trying to fool you.
Lillyrose Soraya 68 months ago
I wish that they would bring back the cherry pie.
RobCertSDSCascap Lillyrose 68 months ago
THERE'S a great idea for a future story!
Which food item, restaurant or grocery, would you love to see
returned to its original recipe? I have several.
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