Eva Gabor dreamed of starring in a drama series, but people didn't take her seriously

Despite what others thought, Gabor knew she could do whatever her heart desired.

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Eva Gabor always knew she'd be a star. The actress got her first movie role in the 1941 film Forced Landing as Johanna Van Deuren.

She went on to appear in several films in the 1950s, ultimately making a name for herself. Gabor was glamorous, loving and charming, which meant she was perfect for the role of Lisa Douglas on Green Acres. The part brought the actress much success, but it also strained her career a little.

When actors are a part of a classic production, especially a popular sitcom like Green Acres, it can be hard to transition into starring in other genres. Gabor loved playing Lisa, but she also wanted to star in a drama series. Yet, there was one problem: people didn't take her seriously.

In an interview with Palm Beach Daily News in 1985, Gabor briefly touched on her dream of performing in a serious drama. She also mentioned that audiences and producers refused to accept her as anyone other than her situational comedy persona. "Very few people can get away from it," she said, referring to the typecasting that comes with being associated with a popular series.

Although many people only wanted to see her as Lisa Douglas, that didn't stop her from pursuing her dreams. She didn't get the chance to have a starring role in a drama series, but Gabor did have a small part in the 1959 adventure-drama series Five Fingers on the episode "Station Break."

Also, two years before the interview, in 1983, the actress appeared on The Edge of the Night, a soap opera drama filled with crime and dubbed as the daytime version of Perry Mason.

As for if she ever thought she'd be a beloved star, Gabor said, "I knew I was going to make it. You have to do your homework and be ready for your break."

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WayneKeith 13 months ago
Eva Gabor was smokin' hot! Her intelligence and wry sense of humor were apparent on her "Match Game" appearances.
evagaborisqueen 16 months ago
It saddens me that people wouldn't take her seriously. Sometimes people forever remember you as a certain character. For those who only know/remember her as Lisa Douglas might not think she could take on a serious role. In my opinion, though, she was a very talented and wise woman.
Mike 16 months ago
Fun Facts:
In her career Eva Gabor did guest shots on three (3) different Ellery Queen TV series!
- In 1951, she appeared in a live telecast of The Adventures Of Ellery Queen, starring Lee Bowman; the episode, titled "The Twilight Zone" (no kidding), was not preserved on kinescope, and is believed lost.
- In 1958, Eva did The Further Adventures Of Ellery Queen, another live show, this time with George Nader as EQ; this episode, "So Rich, So Lovely, So Dead", is also believed lost (they simply didn't save live shows - or even try to ...).
- Finally, in 1975, Eva appeared on Ellery Queen, the filmed series with Jim Hutton that most of us remember; "The Adventure Of The Blunt Instrument" can be found on DVD (if you care to look for it ...).
Stranger Than Truth!
MrsPhilHarris Mike 16 months ago
I have some of those Ellery Queen DVDs. I’ll need to check to see if I have that one.
cperrynaples 16 months ago
I vaguely remember her on EON! No one took her sister Zsa Zsa seriously either! Her biggest credit was being the final Batvillian! BONUS: Can you name her character?
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