Did you ever receive one of these Valentines from McDonald's as a kid?

The fast food giant gave out cute Valentine's Day cards in the 1970s. Did your secret admirer ever hamburglarize your heart?

In the mid-'70s, McDonald's started giving out Valentines to its young customers. It was a great marketing tool, as it gave kids an acceptable reasn to ask their Valentine on a date to McDonald's. If you were lucky enough, you got these when you were growing up. Here are some of the cutest ones you might remember. 

1. Ronald McDonald wants to be your #1 Valentine.

2. Sounds tasty!

3. The Fry Kids are so cute, even if they are crazy. 

4. Why have one Valentine when you can have the whole Hamburger Patch?


5. This Valentines won't put a grimace on your face. 

6. The Hamburglar doesn't have to steal our hearts, he already has them with this Valentine!

7. This one looks familiar...

8. "X" marks the spot. 

9. Has Grimace always had four arms?

10. This Valentine is a little cheesy. 

11. It looks like Ronald McDonald is stealing pickup lines from Officer Big Mac. 


12. We can't get enough of these crazy little guys. 

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