Danny DeVito announced that he's never retiring

Celebrate by watching all the Taxi episodes.

Danny DeVito has had a heckuva career. From playing Penguin across from Batman to Arnold Schwarzenegger's "twin," he's been an oddball onscreen for decades. And of, course, it all started with perhaps his most famous character and also his first on TV, Taxi's Louie De Palma. Now, after 40 years of performing in movies and on TV, Danny DeVito has an announcement for his fans: He's never quitting.

That's right, in an interview with the Press Association, DeVito feigned ignorance of any actor ever deciding to retire, saying, "I am not going to retire. Actors don’t … do actors retire? Maybe they do. I have never heard of an actor retiring." 

Of course, plenty of actors do retire, whether willingly or after attractive roles start to stop coming in, and so plenty of fans are simply reassured that DeVito has decided he won't be among them. Perhaps because at 73, he's still a TV star on the cast of a hit show (It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia) and a movie star leading Disney's live action revival of Dumbo, due out in 2019. As long as there are characters being written and reimagined, Danny DeVito will remain one of the very best actors to cast to give films on any screen a special twist.

DeVito's fame in the 1980s and 1990s in movies like Throw Momma from the Train, Batman Returns, Matilda, L.A. Confidential, and the animated Hercules largely pushed the actor off TV after Taxi ended in 1983. So it's entirely possible that there are Danny DeVito fans out there who aren't as familiar with the TV show that launched the 4-foot-10 actor who became a superstar among character actors. If that's you or if you know someone who could use a refresher on the late 1970s series, we have good news. You can stream full episodes of Taxi online right here on MeTV.com for free, including the series premiere and the last episode after the series abruptly ended in 1983, "Simka's Monthlies."

But here's something extra for Danny DeVito's original fans, who discovered his hilarious Napoleon syndrome on Taxi during its original run. Did you know that on the show, the woman who played Louie De Palma's mom was DeVito's actual mother Julia DeVito? She appeared in two episodes of her son's series. Watch "Louie's Mom Remarries" below to celebrate DeVito's decision not to retire with the actor and his mom:

What's your favorite episode of Taxi thanks to Louie De Palma's antics? Tell us in the comments!

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pumkinheadfan 69 months ago
This is great news! He is truly what has rounded out IASIP since he came to the creators of the show after season 1 and asked if there was a way to be on the show with them! If you ever want to see what Louie would be like today. Watch Sunny! I don't think they would've gotten to 13 seasons(and going) without him!
Whitedevil 69 months ago
I remember he had a small part in 1976 Carwash how many people remember that
Barry22 Whitedevil 69 months ago
also One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest.
pumkinheadfan Barry22 69 months ago
He kinda reprized that role (sort-of) on It's Always Sunny! "Come on chief we're breakin' outta this joint!"
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