Buddy Ebsen won the part of Jed Clampett because of his height

Ebsen stood large on our screens and in our hearts.

In order to be a good entertainment artist, you must first be a student of the industry. This means that if you're looking to ensure that your next television project will be a success, one of the best things to do is look back at previously successful series and highlight why people loved it as much as they did. While lightning rarely strikes in the same place twice, creators who take inspiration from previous successes have the analytical eye that is likely to increase their own prosperity.

When creating The Beverly Hillbillies, Paul Henning had one specific stipulation in mind for the actor playing Jed Clampett: He had to be tall.

According to an interview with The Orlando Sentinel, Buddy Ebsen, known for his excellent acting and looming stature, was actually able to win the role because of his height.

Ebsen said, "I got the job because I was tall, believe it or not."

He explained, "Paul Henning, the genius who created The Beverly Hillbillies, was talking with some people about what made a successful television show. They considered the people who were successful. Gunsmoke had James Arness, Wagon Train had a tall guy. They said, 'Buddy Ebsen is tall.' So I got the job."

In an interview with the Knoxville News Sentinel, Ebsen said he stood at over six feet tall, a feat he achieved "quite young." Obviously, his height wasn't the only factor that went into the decision to cast Ebsen, but the actor himself was already aware that there was something special about The Beverly Hillbillies, even if he had no idea just how successful it would eventually become.

Ebsen said, "When you pick a show, it's like a baseball player getting up to bat. You look for a good one, pick it and pray. You have no idea how far it's going, but you know it looked good at the time."

The actor stated, "This show looked good. I laughed and I thought it had a good chance, and it paid off."

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Jimtypes 1 month ago
Wee doggies! Not only was he tall, he was quick and funny!
DeannaT 1 month ago
Wow I couldn't imagine James Arnez playing this role. James is a great actor but Buddy was the perfect person for this role.
AgingDisgracefully 1 month ago
Producers were also fans of his patented Geezer Amble.
Runeshaper 1 month ago
Ebsen was perfect for the part (-:
cperrynaples Runeshaper 1 month ago
Yep, and we all know he wasn't the Tin Man in The Wizard Of Oz because of poisoned paint!
Moverfan cperrynaples 1 month ago
It wasn't poisoned. It was aluminum-based paint and he was severely allergic to it.
CaptainDunsel 1 month ago
"While lightning rarely strikes in the same place twice[...]"

Why do people keep saying this? It's not at all true. Lightning FREQUENTLY strikes in the same places. Give electricity a good path between sky and ground, and it will tend to follow that path repeatedly.
I wonder about that saying too. The outside spigot at the house I grew up in was struck by lightning so many times my dad eventually had to had to ground it.
Did he take away any other privileges, or just ground it? [snicker]
QazWiz McGillahooala 1 month ago
let me guess, city boy with big yard outside where faucet had lots of open space?
if not then
a lone house with no nothing not even trees (good thing, one tree would have been exploded in first thunder storm)
Moverfan McGillahooala 1 month ago
If you really want to get technical about it, lightning strikes the same place every single time.
That place is called Earth.
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